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Sylvan Report?

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by rico, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. I have heard good reports on other sites........but I have been by there the last couple of days. Not one vehicle at the public access site. Has anyone here been there lately!
  2. No idea on fishing reports there. The lack of cars at the ramp may just be due to the weather. The other day fishing Pike, we were the only boat on the water in the afternoon, by about 6pm the boats really started showing up in droves.
    I think with the heat, maybe smarter guys than us are hitting the water a little earlier or later in the day.

  3. I go by in the morn at 6 o'clock, the afternoon I can understand. Search me!!!!
  4. Rico there should be some good walleye fishing there too.
  5. Rico I fish there also and this time of year most people are fish after dark

    -the people on the weekend. lots of people bassin and is a good crappie spot also
  6. Fergie, is it still a good place to go for walleye?
  7. Rico i fished there all through high school and most of my college career. My best friend has a lake place up there... The gills are decent if you catch them in the right mood. I think the walleye are sort of played out. There is a bass tournament that takes place on that lake sometime during the lake, and the crappie are massive. The best place to catch the crappie is to go through the channel, ahead a little ways and head left back into the back basin. There is an island somwhere around there that will tell you that you are heading the right way. Two thirds of the way straight back across that big basin roughly in the middle to the right side there is a rocky ridge and that sticks up above the weeds. You might need a depth finder to find it. We used to catch them a bunch on bobbers and beemoths out there. I havent been there in a couple years so i dont know how the fishing is, but im almost positive that its still good for the gills and crappie. They fish the main channel at night for crappie too ive seen several old boys out there in the channel with the lights and everything. THey even fish the edges of the sandbar where the volleyball court is set up at in the middle of the first basin by the public ramp. GOOD LUCK have a good one
  8. Thanks for the info men!!!:bouncy:
  9. well as far as the walleye goes I believe they stocked it again a few years back not sure how big they are but I have never caught one out of there.
  10. I stopped by a gas station/bait shop in Rome City on Friday. Talked to a guy that said everyone he knew was limiting out on walleye. And yes they were fishing at night.
  11. pssssssssssst hey, 410

    Did you hear this?:biggrin:
  12. Rico as I said before that the walleyes are in the lake and they caught them around the Island.