T/C Encore Pro Hunter .308

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  1. Bought new from Bud's Gun Shop last summer....Every 5 or 6 shots, spent cartridge would not extract from chamber. Sent it in for warranty work free of charge. Was using factory ammo and have a .35 Rem. Contender that have never had a problem with.....I don't think Bud's would sell a "second" or T/C would send a not to spec out the door....Only sticks on fired cartridges....It IS a tack driver, and I have always liked the one shot approach, although I do have other "things"....
  2. Mass production even to today's high quality stands still have room for error. I am in the automotive business and we measure defects in parts per million......because it still isn't perfect! Hopefully they stand behind their product and resolve the issue for you. Making a high quality item is only part of what makes a good company....standing behind it can be a whole different ballgame. Good luck.
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  3. i hear a lot about federal bras being soft. maybe its the cartridges? ejector could need broke in too maybe? hope its good for ya when it comes back.
  4. Got it back Thursday. Hope to put some rounds through this week as I removed scope and reinstalled and needs tweeked a bit maybe.....Am also trying some Winchester Power Point 150's Rems and A Eagles.....all Brass as usual..Was sighted in with Rem. PSP 150's as it seemed not to like SP 180's....Anxious to see how the Win. 150's do....