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Tackle woes

Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by QuailDancer, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Tackling your Tackle

    Ok all you fishing gurus, what’s the best way to organize and carry your stuff. I seem to be collecting new tackle boxes for every type of fishing I wish to do. The problem is, if conditions change when I’m out on the water I may not be carrying what I should be. Boxes for bass fishing, boxes for live bait rigging, cat fishing (thanks to phsycobubba a new box for walleyes)….How do you store/organize what you need to meet the demands on the water?

  2. I carry a tackle bag. Shoulder strap included, it has a storage tray for every type i might need on the water. Lots of storage for other things I might need. Pockets inside and out. The bags work better for me, not as bulky as box and I can carry with strap alot easier. The problem is, the more room I have, the more stuff I think I have to carry. :bonk: :bonk: :bonk:
  3. I use 10+ Plano 3700 series (or equivalent) locking plastic boxes and an oversize tackle bag. Each box has its own "purpose" - e.g. plastics, deep diving cranks, top water, pike/muskie etc. For times that I can't carry everything, like when I portage to back lake in Canada, I pick my "bait roster" for the day and carry one or two boxes in a backpack with anything else needed for the day like water, snack, anchor rope etc.
  4. I just bough a new box at Wally World the other day, then I took everything I had in cheap duffle bag out and set everything on a table in the garage and it's still sittin there. I need to go out an finish putting everything in the new box. Looks like this... The bag w/ the red box around it is the bag w/ boxes that I use when wading. I can put 5 boxes in that little pouch. And no comments on the messy garage.... :bash:



    I should learn how to better cut down my pics huh?
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  5. I have all my bassin' gear in a soft bag with strap, lures in compartmented boxes. These look pretty cool, would like to combine more of my gear together.
  6. I just carry 5 bags sometimes that way I have what I need, when I need it.
  7. Suspended jerkbaits

    Anyone have any good results modifying stickbaits to suspend? I have a couple hard plastic bodied stickbaits I'd like to tinker with, try to get them to suspend level about 12-18 inches under the surface. I'm thinking of wrapping lead wire around the treble hooks rather than drill, and weight and epoxy.
    Another thought I had was to crimp split shot to the leader, but don't want the bait to be nose down.
  8. Everything that I have is split up into larger boxes. What I do before I go out is figure out what I am going out for and make a special tackle assortment for what I am targeting. I fish in tourneys so this helps with storage problems. When you think about it how much of the stuff you bring really gets used? Then you will have the answer and match your tackle to your target species. Factors as far as time of year, weather for the day, wind conditions, structure fished, and water depth and temperature should also be figured into account as well. Since I started doing this My tackle I bring out is widdles down to match conditiond by as much as 50%. Hope this helps.
  9. I thought of those JL, but the baits I'm wanting to play with are the larger suick and raider type baits, don't think the dots will work with the larger lure size.