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Taking a kid hunting?

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by bigling97, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. I want to take my 7yr old son on a dove hunt this year. He hasn't taken a hunters safety class yet and would just be with us in the field without a weapon, well maybe a bb gun. Is this legal and O.K. with the DNR.
  2. I would think it's ok, as long as he's not harvesting any animals.

  3. even if its not ok i dont think the DNR officer would scold you too bad when he writes you the ticket. Its about introduction to the outdoors. Your son will have a blast. I highly recommend ear protection though.. When i was little my dad used to take me to the woods during bow season and tell me to sit still. Id shoot chipmunks with my BB gun. It was a great start. Have a great time taking your son out.
  4. CALL YOUR LOCAL C.O. !!! AND call the C.O. for the area you plan to hunt. Pages 2 and 3 in the Hunting and Trapping guide, License Exemptions, last bullet point. "You must have and carrry a valid license and applicable state stamp privileges to hunt any wild animal, with exceptions as fallows:......An individual who is less than 13 years of age; does not possess a bow or firearm; and is accompanied by individual who is at least 18 years of age and holds a valid license."
  5. Kids hinting

    Leave the BB gun, take hearing protection for him, and have a great time. Remember not to stay too long, kids have shorter attention spans.
  6. I took my grandson deer hunting when he was only 4 or 5 years old. I think as long as he is with you and don't have a gun your fine. The younger the better I say. Also he kill his first squirrel when he was 8 years old and WOW what a proud grandfather I was.
  7. I Filmed My Sons First Deer Bow Kill At 11 Yrs Old, Small Doe But Still The Proudest Moment Of My Life And I Can Relive It Whenever I Want , Take Them Youngsters Hunting There Is No More Quality Time Spent Than That,they Will Never Forget It Either , Happy Hunting!!!!!
  8. Thanks guys for all your help. I think we will leave the bbgun at home and let him run the dove fields! This should be a blast. He is really getting an itching to go. Great idea about the hearing protection.

    Thanks again all!:grouphug: