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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. :help: Well need some in put on who to do my DEER!!!And what mount to use...Iam thinking the Pedastal mount.The Taxi has to be from INDIANA only, looking for the Best in the STATE!!!!Lets hear it Guys....Also I will need a scorer to score Him .I have 2 guys in mind but lets see who you guys Think will Do the DEER Justice!!!...;) :help:
  2. Oak Falls Taxidermy (812)-667-1082

  3. Brew, the buck will score what it scores regardless of who scores it. We all go by the same book. With that said, I'd say it'll be pushing Boone and Crockett, so I'd recommend a B&C scorer nearest you. Or, I'm sure Scott Werstler would offer his services, but you may have to meet somewhere after the 60th drying day. And, of course, John Bogucki is considered by most to be one of the premier scorers in Indiana.

    Like I told you last night in chat Steve Kinker did an absolute fantastic job on Jack Keihn's buck last season. Bob McCormick also did an outstanding job on Dave Brassuer's giant N.T. two years ago. Those two really stand out to me, but I've not seen all great taxidermists throughout Indiana. Personally, both of these two artists do a great job. If I shot a monster, I'd consider either one.
  4. Never had a mount done, Brew. Bronzeback (from this site) is mounting mine. I've seen some of his work, and it's very nice.
  5. I'll post up some more, so you don't think i'm trying to sell my services. I am in no way affiliated with the shop, i've just seen her excellent work.

    She was trained for 10 years, by one of the top taxi's in the world.....This guy
    Give her a call, I'm trying to get her the picture of your buck right now.
  6. Whitetail Impressions Taxidermy

    Whitetail Impressions Taxidermy
    Ed Vinzant
    Tel. 812-442-0930
    Brazil, Indiana

    Ed specializes in Whitetail Deer and African Safari Big Game animals. He focuses only on these Big Game animals. He no longer does fish, turkey's, etc. I saw some of his pedestal mounts of Safari game...absolutely awesome. He also designs and sets up Big Game Rooms for those that request it.

    Go with the semi-sneak mount Brew, it's awesome. But heck anyway you mount that jewel it will look great!
  7. I've seen this guy's work, it really is impressive. If I remember right, he's won several awards for his mounts.
  8. Maybe someone that is good that will deal with you on the price? Or at least get it done in a short amount of time. Whatever the heck you do, don't leave the rack at anyones shop. I've used Hoosier Trapper, Charlie and Mark Maschek for 7 years now and my 1999 buck looks as good as the one from last year. They are located at the Southeast corner of Marion County. All the guys mentioned above do good work, also. I would think one of the taxidermists would give you a price break if you put their name on a plaque and show the deer at a few shows.
  9. John Peel... works out of the fremont area up by james. his stuff is pretty amazing and i dont think youd be dissappointed... its really up to you but i second the notion of not leaving the rack at the shop take it home and lock it up.\
  10. as far as the pose the offset shoulder semi seak with the ears laid slightly back on a pedestle mount would be awesome. it'll really bring out the rack.
  11. I have used Hoosier Trapper and supply for my last two deer. Does a great job. Has one very impressive show room. Paid $385 for mine this year. Does any poses you want.
  12. I hear OBK is looking for some deer to work on!:hide:
  13. Ditto...Hoosier Trapper has done work for me and my bro and they're great guys. Southside Indy so they're not too far from you.
  14. Bullseye...That will look GOOD :yikes: