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  1. I was wondering if anybody has tried mounting one of their own deer? I've been wanting to do this for a while and i figured the 8 pt i shot last week would be a good one to start with. he's not so big that i'd be dissappointed if the mount didn't turn out perfect because i could still do a plaque mount. i was looking at various kits in van dykes and wassco taxidermy supply that include everything for a mount (tanning supplies, eyes, ear inserts, form, etc). i have already mounted 3 smallmouth and a squirrel, which all turned out very nice. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. wasco has some great videos and very good books if your wanting to learn the basics of game head taxidermy or fish. if i could offer any advise to you it would be learn the basics and then begin learning the artistic level of it and take your time. then i would join the ita. most state associations have novice divisions now you will gain a wealth of info. even if you have no plans to go into business it is a very rewarding hobby.
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  3. thanks! i will be looking into some of the videos. i'm not planning on going into the business, i just think its cool to be able to mount my own stuff.
  4. One of my good friends does our mounts and let me tell you. I was there in the beginning of his career and I truely believe after the hours and hour of great training videos and reading book after book has helped him a lot. His mounts look great because he is in the sport for the beauty not the money. He also started out by asking questions on That site is just like this one but focuses more on experts helping the rookies with any kinds of mounting tips to what glue to use.
  5. Everybody is on the right track.. Get the videos and books from Breakthrough. is an awsome learning site. Tons of history in the searches. Trial and error on different forms until you find the ones with the same body shapes and features from your area. Earlinears Earliners Earliners. Two part epoxy quick set and a pinch of pink chalk dust and Great ears everytime with little or not painting, just make sure you split the ears all the way to the edge and get all the cartlidge out. Apoxie Sculp around eyes, tearducts and nose. I wouldn't mess with the waxes, seamed like they always showed hairline cracking after a year or so. If you start to get into it you can find fleshing machines (if you tan your own) on the net at fairly reasonable prices. Its a great Hobby to recreate wildlife. Its a lot of work but its worth every minute. One other thing is I would start with a water base hide paste it will give you plenty of time to taxi the skin around even after a day. Seems you always see those little details after a night of sleep..
    Good Luck and Enjoy..
  6. has helped me out with alot of questions.
  7. thanks for all the help. i spent hours on researching, watched the sallie dahmes video 3 times and ordered the breakthrough whitetail manual. all of my supplies came in last week and i started tanning the cape monday. i mounted the deer yesterday(sat). it was one of the longest days of my life, and one of the most frustrating experiences ever, but i think it was well worth it. here's a picture of him. now all i have to do is let him dry 2 or 3 weeks, finish it, and hang it!
  8. Great job on the mount. Looks very good.
  9. Looks like a helluva job to me UH...well done
  10. Heck of a Job!!! That first one is like venturing into the unknown.. A lot of people don't realize how much hard work goes in a mount. Each one gets easier and easier. You'll have him to look at everyday and it makes it worth all that work knowing you did it yourself..Agian Great Job!! Getting ready to put together a full sneak open mouth today.. Got me a little nerve racked, but its my own mount..
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  11. Looks good, Urbanhunter!
  12. thanks guys. after yesterday, i think that paying a taxidermist $400 for a deer mount is nothing compared to the amount of time, hard work, and the supplies needed for it. i've spent over 16 hours from skinning it to the end and well over $200 for supplies.
  13. Looks good. Your time, effort, and supply costs re-enforce the fact that $400-$500 is not too much money for a job well done that looks life-like and that will last over time.
  14. thats looks great UH!!!
    nice work...