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Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by buckhead, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. who on here does taxidermy i need a mink skinned and tanned
    what price and where are you located i'm in anderson
  2. you could always skin it and ship it to a perfessonal tannery and save on paying a middle man to do it for you
    Moyal tannery is a very good place to send the fur

    They are very easy to skin

    here is the site for the tannery


  3. A buddy of mine on here does taxidermy. I'm not sure if he is willing to do that or not. He has a busy schedule with whitetail mounts and fish to be completed. His users name is Bronzeback. Leave him a PM and see if he is interested. I haven't been to his house in a day and wont see him till probably thursday. I will have him check his messages.
  4. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    do you want it tanned for the wall. let me know.
  5. i've sent a coyote pelt to USA Foxx( to have it tanned, it came back in pretty good shape. i skinned the yote first though. the price is pretty reasonable too.
  6. buy some TANNIT. heard it works decent. do it yourself.....
  7. usa fox quck turn around
  8. USA FOXX is a bad place to send any fur
    we send 35 coyotes and 18 Red fox to be tanned last year
    we had nothing but problems with them
    we received a letter telling us to pat ourself on our back because we choose very good fur to be tanned and we should be proud
    then when the fur came back late and after several calls and false promises
    we had damages fur, fox torn in to, holes in coyotes etc.
    called to complain and they said they would make it right
    we called them for over 9 months and every time they had an excuse
    we finally got SOME of the money back with a letter about how we choose poor fur for tanning LOL! and we should be ashamed