Team #1 chat

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    Team #1 chat
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  2. Just checking in.
    Gonna be a guaranteed 5 points for us next wknd as I will be taking my kids out.

  3. How's everyone doing? I have not had the chance to get out yet. November is when I get to hunt more.
  4. In a stand right now.
    Over run with squirrels no deer so far.
    I usually don't see too many till late October
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    Not hijack your page or thread, but I love how a cute little fuzzy critter sounds like a Bull Elephant in that fall walking around.
  6. Ain't that true.

    What I really hate is just as the sun is breaking and you hear footsteps coming towards you and you can't see what it is but it sounds like its right on top of you....then you finally find.....

    .....the chipmunk.

  7. Hung and trimmed 13 stands last weekend in Owen county . Trying to hunt a little in Michigan but working a lot so I can have 10 days to hunt in Indiana the beginning of November. Good luck guys.
  8. Good news......I put some hamburger on the ground tonight.
    Gonna go retrieve her tomorrow morning and I won't forget the pics for our 5 points.
  9. Leaving northern Michigan Friday morning. 8 hr drive. Will be in the stand Saturday morning. 8 solid days of hunting. Planning on scoring us some points. How's the activity?
  10. Been seeing lots of buck activity.
  11. I skipped an arrow off this guys back last night.
    Accidentally used my 50 yd pin.
    He was 36 yds, figured to use my 40 yd pin and hold low.
    Counted down 4 pins...stopped him and fired. (My pins start at 20 yds)
    Oh well.
  12. What county are you in? Sad story man. Hopefully that only means you get a bigger one. Maybe a blessing in disguise?!?!?