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Team 1 (Roll call)

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Noftheriver, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Team 1 (Roll call) Team name picking:

    Lets get this dog hunting!

    Let us get a team name going also. I got a few ideas what are ya'lls?

    Red Dawn Rising
    Tag em and Tote em

    All these name have first right to my team ya'll back off until they pick one of these or one of thier own!
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  2. Bloody arrow, browtines, bloodtrail, doublemainbeam, gut piles, just some other names to throw into the pile.;)

  3. Welcome Coon

    I like, Bloody Arrow, but this is going all season right.
    How about:Shafts&Powder, Smoke&blood, Blood&Smoke
    I sent all team memebers emails so we can get this going you were the first responder.If Some do not respond there is a new guy wanting a team.
  4. Yeah this is going all season, i just bowhunt 99% of the time. Nofriver what is your weapon of choice and we can combine them.
  5. Check In

    Just checking in and ready to get this thing started. Just four days left now!!! On the name, it really doesn't matter to me as long as we back it up!!!
  6. Arrowmaster checking in. Red dawn rising sounds good to me.
  7. Whatever works for you guys, because it's all about the final result. Hopefully the trail cams aren't just setting me up for a broken heart this year. Hopefully everyone can get their three does pretty easy between the park and draw hunts and the liberal limits, especially down south.
  8. Just got off work.

    How about "Bloody Dawn Rising". Kinda Bold eh?

    My weapon of choice is my CVA Optima smoke pole.

    I will have to make do these first couple weeks with my PSE Whitetail Extreme.

    Worked on the far side of Louisville took 35 minutes to get home....
  9. Bloody Dawn Rising sounds good to me.......reminds me of gutting that morning kill......aawww i can smell it already nothing like deer guts in the morning....:evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile
  10. All in Favor?

    If the other agree......
    We can name the the Team:

    "Bloody Dawn Rising"

    "The early morning mist slipped slowly back into the thickets.The smell of tree bark and wet leaves assailed my senses.I heard him coming before I saw him.With the grace of a God he step into the clearing, nostrils flaring,head held high, he was on the hunt. When his 240 rack cleared the cedar trees my heart started to pulsate. He was 20 yds out standing broadside. I pulled back tenderly setting my green pin behind his shoulder. Steading,I took the shot. He flinched sharply and stumbled.The arrow had peirced his heart.He fell forward as if to kneel before me. The silence was deafening. I watched him slowly crumpled to the ground the blood pool forming a bed for him to lay in. I was hanored that such a great beast was my first blood of the season."

    All in Favor say; "I"
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  11. "It Was Over Before It Even Began"
    (Dew 3:16)
  12. Sounds Good

    The name sounds good to me. I went out last night and found 4 fresh scapes, along with about 30 rubs in about a 2acre area. I really cann't wait for Sunday now. Some of the rubs were on trees as big as my thigh. :bowdown:
  13. Lets get it on. Come on Sunday. Everyone be safe and make that shot count...