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Team #2 roll call

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Munsterlndr, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Team #2 check in. Anybody got any name ideas? We need to get rolling here.
  2. How about the Michigan Spikes?

  3. Out of town for the weekend. Just now back. Where are you guys on #2 all from. So. IN-Petersburg for me. Final decision on team name yet?
  4. I'm from Northern Michigan. No decison on names, or even any suggestions other than from a peanut gallery member who is not even on out team. Got any thoughts on a name?
  6. :bowdown: yo man ding ol dang iam here [​IMG]
  7. Psycho, what's cookin?

    Got any name suggesitons?

    Here's a few

    Deer Demons
    Buck Whackers

    or how about

    Critter Gitters!
  10. [​IMG][​IMG] i am ready [​IMG][​IMG]
    freezer fillers ,tree top assassins
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  11. pipes lol i dont like beer i love it:banghead3
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  12. you should only need one...expecting trouble?
  13. Awesome i want to go hunting!:banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3
  14. i think i can take 341 deer with all county and park hunts :bowdown: