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Team #3 who are you!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Duckz-N-Buckz30, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. What about:

    Team Mossy Horns
    Team Passin' Thru
    Team #3
    Good Ole' Boyz
    Team Switchback (just cause i can)

    throw in some of your own and lets vote.
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  2. our name doesn't really matter to me. i'm just here to contribute my deer...should be fun!
  3. Gut pile gang,
    team blood trail
    Deer pose

    5 more days:yikes:.Does anybody know when we change our clocks back?
  4. I'm fine with whatever name.
  5. Well fellas Im gonna be a week behind everyone else so youll have to pick up the slack on sunday. Good Luck to everyone and enjoy the abnormal weather conditions for October. It is supposed to be nice hunting weather. I remember the last couple of years when early october and even mid october meant 85 degrees and sunny. You know the kind of weather that you just sat there and roasted. This year hopefully the hard frost expected on Thursday night will kill off the bugs, and those damn beatles (ladybug look a likes) for good. Heck hopefully the decent weather sticks around and continually gets cooler. Good luck to everyone. Happy Hunting.. TRD
  6. Yeah this is going to be one of the best opening weekends, for the past 5 years anyways. Boyz I am reeeeeeeeeeeeady for Sunday morning.
  7. i too won't get to hunt until the second weekend of is interfering!
  8. The wedding is getting me. I told the fiance that I would take her to chicago to go shopping for the wedding. In return I wanted to have the rest of the season during the weekend. Unless something drastic came up. Well i have commited to chicago and now i find out that we have a wedding on the 14th. There goes that weekend. I fear that it is all starting way to soon, the ball and chain is getting heavier and heavier and I havent said I do yet... aaaaaaaaahhhh:yikes:
    In all honesty though its not that bad. Because she is letting me go bear hunting the week before our wedding so I can survive a missed weekend.
  9. my sister-in-law is getting married on the 14th as well, but i will be hunting Thurs, Fri, Sat(morning), and Sun. Hopefully i will get us some points early.
  10. do we get extra points if we get it on video? I know that the weekend of the 7th there will be something get an arrow tossed in its direction of film. I almost gaurantee it. ITs gonna be a great weekend. I cant wait and I cant believe I am missing opening morning. Oh well the sacrifices we all make.
  11. Anybody like "Team Punishment"? It is the Lions Den's biggest competitor in Mixed Martial Arts. Thought it might be fitting.
  12. Oh no not tito ortiz camp LOL. You know what thats a good idea though because thats shamrock's camp. Ya know shamrock is going to get beat to bad but he is getting older. I like team punishment anybody else:) :) Well guys we all have things to do and weddings are a pretty top priority no doubt and school is another i'm finding that out myself. Yeah it has been very october like this september, remember last year when there was alot of leaves left on the trees in november:yikes: ??
    everybody give there vote for names:confused:
    I like
    Deer posse
    team punishment
    the woodsman
    I really don't care I like al the names!!
  13. Deer Posse or Team Punishment would either one be fine with me. I am just ready for backstraps on the bbq.
  14. Your getting married in the fall? Big mistake, now the 14th is lost forever in something we call anniversary!