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TEAM #4 Sound Off

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BGGooseKiller, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. My name is Adam, I live in Matrinsville but hunt around Lafayette.

    We gotta start coming up with some good name ideas. We need to show all these girls how to hunt.

    Come-on Boys Sound off.

  2. OK..........I'll Bite.......

    BGGooseKiller..............You are about to enter a zone that no man has ever survived in, no Monsta' Buck has ever walked away from and no Doe has made further than 20 yards from.............

    .................and you want to call Team #5 "Girls".


    I'll leave you with a quote then to remember as our team MUST be filled with girls according to you........

    ................"Beware of anything that can bleed for 3 days....and LIVE."

    :evilsmile :evilsmile

    GAME OVER.:evilsmile

  3. I'm Elliott and I'm in Indy. Hunting in HNF (down near Story) and out near Glenwood. Course we should get a three point handicap for me, afterall I won't be able to do much hunting once the new baby gets here (Due Nov 27th)
  4. What are we doing for a name? How about .... I dunno.....Somebody more creative than me will have to come up with something :)
  5. That falling down stairs thing looks painful!!!
  6. well how bout these !! team muzzy moment
    team brown is that ain't no crap
    team garauntee
    team pope and young
    team success
    team git'er done
    team bloody shaft
  7. i bet not as bad as fallin out of a tree stand.
  8. Thats what happens in a ladder stand when you don't wear your full body harness :)

    Bloody Shaft sounds like a bad porno :bash: :bloos:
  9. i didn't mean it that way but your right. i like team muzzy moment
  10. possibel team names:

    Team #4 -

    goat ropers
    carbon killers
    P&Y pokers
    Hoosier harvesters
    dbl lungers
    trophy takers
    Put'n deer down
    Deer reduction specialists
    size matters
    It'll eat
  11. those are all good ones except goat ropers.
  12. My Top three are

    dbl lungers
    it'll eat

    I think the whole team needs to post up the fav's and all the tam members should do the same by Thursday
  13. true
  14. boy am i glad you guys dont like Bloody Shafts...might as well be ketchup on the hot dogs...sorry but i had to.