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Team #5 chat

Discussion in '2017 IndianaSportsman Team Deer Hunting Contest' started by FireLt72, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. ok team 5. What's happening? I am on new property. The trailcams show great promise. I will be bowhunting every weekend. I will sneak out some weekdays whenever possible. I am taking some time off during the firearm season. I plan on 10 days straight during firearm. Everything is dialed in. Everything is prepped in the woods. All I need now is luck. There is nothing else I can do except invest time and have patience. Sound off.
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  2. I havent been doing much scouting but did get an alright buck on cam. Supposely there was a monster seen out of my stand last year last evening of deer season. The guy said it had to be a 170 inches and a friend of mine seen a big one in muzzleloader season. I just have to make sure i let some walk and wait for the bigger ones
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  3. Well, the effort is being put in. The property went dead during most of October. It is picking up again. All the bucks I got on trailcam mid summer are starting to show up again. Unfortunately it is at 1-3 am. Scrapes are abundant. Saw some does, and a small 4 pointer so far. Big bucks on the trail cam. Putting in some weekday evening hunts, as well as Saturday hunts. As soon as firearm season kicks in, I will be in the woods from dark until dark for 10 days straight, looking for "that buck".
  4. ok. here we are. I missed the last weekend of firearm because of work. I have been traveling alot. I have not hunted since November. Darn. Going out in the morning. Put the guns away. BAck to the bow. I will get in what I can. Talked to the farmer that lives on property. The deer are now showing up during daylight hours, and he has seen some big ones. Ok. Hopefully with this snow on the ground, that will help me. Headed out in the am for a long morning hunt. Hunting all day Saturday. Good luck to you all, and hope we have a showing.
  5. I went out today in the blowing snow for about 5 hours. Saw a doe. Changed all the sd cards in the trail cameras. GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY!!!! Time to pour it on big time. Lots and lots of big bucks posing for the cameras in DAYLIGHT hours. WOW. Hunting all day tomorrow.
  6. My spot has went dead since right before gun. Still going to try to make it out a few more times this year
  7. i hear you. it has been a hard season. all the trailcam pics have been at night time for me, with the exception of the one time I had daytime pics. My son and I have put forth so much effort this season. He has already given up the rest of the season. I was going to go out today, but 12 degrees and a 15 mph wind, and going out with a bow and not a rifle, I said the hell with it myself. The only thing that kept me going all season was the night time trailcam pics. Knowing the "potential" of maybe hopefully one of those bucks stepping out during daylight hours has been the fire that got me out there. Not seeing a shooter, and putting in 100's of hours in the stand, has dwindled the fire down to a little pilot light. I want to go out for the "hail Mary pass" this next week, and I just don't care if I do or don't. This weather is a big factor in it. I went out last week for about 4 hours when it was -10, and almost didn't make it back to the truck. Sorry I have not been a producer this year for the team. I love hunting, but am just about all drained from the effort and not realizing any results. Hell, I would be excited to see a yearling doe. I wouldn't shoot it, but just to see a deer. Just to see a deer. Yeah, that sums it up.