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Team #5 Check-in

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by FINS&GRINS, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Ok Guys Lets Get Us A Team Name, We Really Dont Need To Talk Any Smack We Will Just Let Our Bows&guns Do All Our Smack Talk!!! How About "team Obr" Stands For Obviously Better Results!!!! Just A Thought
  2. I thought our name was still under review in the marketing department.
    It is true however that we don't need to talk smack. After all the other teams are flappin' their gums, we'll just keep posting know "a pictures worth a 1000 words".

  3. team obr= outdoors badasses represent

    team obr= outlandishly big racks
    just tossing things around ,come up with some names boys!!!
  4. Dew and the Buck Busters
    Bud's killing Fields
    pass on the DoeDancers
    Mike and the treetop assassins
    Tilesetter's deer getters
  5. "team quail - kicken whitetail"
    "team just DEW it"
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  6. Team#5

    Gee Whiz..

    I really don't care what name we have... LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!! :bash: If I get the hunt the places I want this year, I should be able to tally at least 5 deer to our score.;)

    I am hoping to get back to Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and of course... INDIANA!!!:) My tree stand here has been known to account for a 6 deer per year average. One year the was 9 deer taken from it. 7 of them were bucks and 2 made the Indiana Record Book...:yikes:

    GOOD LUCK TO ALL...:)cheeky-sm )
    Bud Fields
  7. Was that post-OBR or pre-OBR?
  8. we go


    **Dewicidal Maniacs**

    **The Dewciples**

    **Dewmsday Posse**

    **The Dewciples of Dewm**
    (this was the office favorite today)

    **Dewnial in the Lyons Den**
    (for those that prefer a HOLY WAR AZZ Kickin') :evilsmile

    Make no Doubt About it Team #5.............I will lead you all to the promise land. Some may lead you to believe they stand a chance in "H....unting Indiana" (pun intended) :evil: ...............But I will lead you to the land of Milk and Honey....and as many deer carcasses as your rusty ol pick-up truck can carry.

    "Dew" is in Da' House..........and some smack-down is about to happen. :evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile

    I live for this stuff. You can find our team at WWW.RACKEMUP.COM :evilsmile

    :evilsmile ​
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  9. Hey treehugger

    Hey treehugger..

    That was BEFORE the "GREAT-OBR" decision BUT... That was TOTAL deer taken from that same tree beginning with the early archery, firearms, muzzleloader and late archery season and they were NOT all taken by me!!

    I took ONE buck during the muzzleloader season and it was a 12 pointer that made the book.I also took a two does.My son took a DANDY 8 pointer that made the book and a few of my hunting buddies also used that stand to take deer after I hung up the bow and muzzleloader.

    In our group, we do share stands and we have even loaned our firearms to each other if they needed it... We frequently take our children and grandchildren and I place them in some of my treestands and ground blinds where I think they might have a decent opportunity to at least see deer activity and possibly get a deer.

    Bud Fields
  10. Enough holy wars on the news, not crazy about Dewnial in the Lyons Den**

    I like these Dewicidal Maniacs**Dewmsday Posse****The Dewciples of Dewm**
  11. How 'bout

    The Crimson Brotherhood of DewM
  12. You could go with:

    "Were in deep dew-dew" :lol:
  13. DEW you have some problems Mister???????????:dizzy: !!!!
  14. He may be in need of a little help.