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Team: "Bloody Dawn Rising"

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Noftheriver, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Has entered the room.

    Please move to right or left to let us through.

    Continued from: Roll call.
    The rising sun was just clearing the first ridge when
    I approached his fallen body,Del Mar serrated blade in my hand.He looked up at me,his spirt was fading fast. He knew then, he had met his match. Of the many trails he had ran, the does he conquerd,the younger bucks he had beaten in to submisson, this was his last. I paused in respect to let him go to the "river of life" with his honor intact.
    The knife slipped in easily.When the hot blood hit the air in the swirling steam cloud I saw his spirit lift into the heavens on the wings of the Gods of the forest.

    The dawn was bloody.
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  2. Sounds like you guys need to pick up a box of Pads before you head to the woods.

  3. Well, At least we will not be found Dan-cing with Quayles.
  4. This is your last WARNING

    Prepare to Deal With...

  5. The I s Have it

    We are officially the team of First Blood in the Morning.

    The Dew will be covered with Blood
    When "Bloody dawn rising" gets first light!