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Texas Hog Hunt February 2007

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by jbwhttail, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. A few guys from Indiana (6) are going to Texas in February for a three day all inclusive hog /varmit hunt. The fee for the hunt is 650.00 and it includes food, lodging, guide fees,animal care(gutting and quartering) as well as transportation to hunting blinds. All you need is a 5 day non resident license(45.00) and your transportation to San Antonio and back home. We have a couple people driving who will haul meat back for some gas money.

    Presently we have ten people going and have room for five more. The other people are from Niagra Falls New York and Montana The hunt is February 1(Thursday) thru February 4(Sunday) noon.

    This is a perfect mid winter hunt, you may take hogs,coyote,fox, bobcat, all in unlimited numbers! There are no trophy fees and you can shoot as many as you like. Shotgun, muzzleloader or rifles, this is not a good bow hunt but you can do that if you like.

    We will be meeting in San Antonio by 10:00 am on feb 1st. You will receive hotel info if needed. We need to know we need to know if you are flying so we can reserve vehicles needed to transport us to ranch. Those flying will share costs of rental vehicle(s)

    The guide service talked to me today and have leased a new ranch that we will be first to use and said it is loaded with hogs! Texas now has more wild hogs than whitetail deer!

    Anyone else interested?

    One of the drivers has room for one more rider if someone is interested,3 way share of gas.

    This will be my fifth year in a row going, It has always been a blast! And the total cost has been under 1000.00 including air flight.