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Thank You Scott Werstler

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Scarlet Dew, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Just wanted to put out a Thanks to Scott Werstler for taking time today to score up 4 bucks that I had taken with a bow over the last several years. As I was leaving 2 more heads showed up for scoring........I couldn't help thinking.........this OBR stuff is really working. :coolgleam

    All 4 of the bucks I brought in Grossed between 130-150 "and change"........but deductions took 2 out of PY entry after netting below the 125 minimum. Nuts. Guess I'll have to go out and try it again next year.:biggrin:

    It's a good feeling though to see two of them make it well into the Pope and Young books.....and one of them even qualified for Hoosier Record Book.

    Thanks again for taking the time to do this Scott...........was a pleasurable first time experience with scoring. Hoping to do it again soon!! :cool:

    If you have a rack that you've always thought of scoring...........just do even get to meet some pretty neat people/fellow hunters along the way.

    Life is good.
  2. Scott Werstler and "neat people" don't belong in the same sentence together Dew!!!:bouncy: :hide:

    Seriously, Scott is probably the best scorer around this part of the state..... because he's an anal retentive fool!!!!!!! He'll score every big one that I'll ever shoot, because I'm not allowed to score my own (although I'd rather do it myself to ensure it is done hem!!!)

    And, now 'Ol Scooter is getting a big head. What did you think of Scooter's "complex" Dew? Pretty

    :bowdown: You are the man Scooter!!!!!

    Your apprentice

    Dean "Second best scorer to the Great Scotty Don't" Weimer

  3. Very neat Complex!!! :coolgleam
  4. Do you really have a Complex, Scott?????
  5. Congratulations. Sounds like you've taken some excellent bucks with a bow. Keep it up.

    I've been bowhunting for 10 years, but it always seems that I take my bucks during firearms season with a shotgun. I've taken small bucks with a bow back before the OBR, and have even been fortunate enough to take one P&Y buck. I take does every year during early archery, but the big bucks don't seem to cooperate. Not to mention that I haven't bowhunted hard for quite a few years now. By hard I mean 7 days a week. Anymore, I bowhunt an average of 4 days a week in early archery and none in late archery. I'd been hunting the same 500 acres behind my home for so long that I got burned out. Plus, deer sightings are limited there.

    But that's about to change. I got permission to hunt a 220-acre farm across the road from my home this past season. I have sole permission, and took a great buck there in firearms season. I saw many, many deer there this year, along with dozens of huge cedar rubs, so I'm seriously looking forward to archery season this next fall. I've gotten my second wind, and am going to bowhunt the hardest I ever have.
  6. Thank you, Dew.

    It is a pleasure to measure!

    I meet a lot of interesting people and learn new insights into deer hunting and life in general.

    I was at Dean's palace last night and offered to take a look at a mediocre buck he has on his wall. (I can't call anything he shoots big). He wasn't interested in me looking at it though. I think the super glue wasn't dry yet from the extra points he added.
  7. Hate to pick on you like that Dean, but in scanning through all these sights I have too. If I don't start defending myself everyone's going to think I'm a wussy. I sure wish Camby or CutNShoot would post something. That would take your wrath off me for a little while at least.
  8. Watch What you say Scooter!!!!!

    It is a pleasure to measure!

    Hey Scoot, Maybe you ought to think about being a writer, with such beautiful poetry!!!!
  10. Sounds like two good old boys going at it. HA!
  11. Does anyone have the name and/or phone number of an official scorer in the Southern area of the state? I killed a nice buck this year that needs to be scored. It has been rough scored at 175" gross with a 161" net as a typical. The buck is a 14 pointer with a 5x5 frame. I live in the Sellersburg/New Albany area of the state. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. County??

    Hawghunter, What county is that??? And, if you're not doing anything this weekend, you could bring the rack to the Indianapolis Deer and Turkey Expo to have it scored there...
  13. The county that I live in and the county the buck was killed in are both Clark County. I doubt that I'll make it to the Expo, too many other obligations. I'm not a scorer by any stretch of the imagination, but I have the feeling that a rack doesn't get the proper amount of attention, unless it's a true giant of record proportions, when it is one of potentially hundreds of other racks to be scored in a single day. I'm not trying to imply that the scorers are inaccurate after they score a few racks, but I would think that the desire to be completly accurate after 40 or 50 bucks would begin to fade. Not trying to step on anyone's toes with this comment.
  14. The most a scorer will do in a day is 8-10, usually more like 6-8 I would say. The measurers I have been around focus on the deer they are measuring and don't gawk at "what just came in" until they are done with the one they are currently measuring. We usually take a break to look around the show or grab a bite to eat during the day too. I have always seen a measurer use the same amount of time and the same precision in measuring a 110 class deer as one that would go 140 or even 200. Your concerns are understandable though. Please be aware we sign our name to the deer we measure and I guarantee you we would be questioned if we only measured 1 deer a day and we would be questioned if we measured 20 per day, neither seem quite right. John Bogucki runs a tight ship and his integrity is something to behold, he also brings a tenacity in getting to the truth of matters, whether its a score, correct documentation, etc. Good question!
  15. I have a lot and I mean a lot of deer scored and never have I seen any scorer hurry to get a deer done. There is rules and the scorers must obey by them. If I had a deer head that I wanted score and would take it to the Expo, there will be around 20 to 30 scorer there and if there would be a question or problem the scorer can ask more scorers to answer or for help. To me the EXPO is the place to go. Hope to see you there and please bring your deer heads there is a lot of people who whould enjoy see them.