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The Best Week???

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by treehugger, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. What time period of the upcoming archery season will you consider a "must be in the stand" week? I have been filling out my vacation request and have pretty much decided to take a full week off to bow hunt the week prior to the start of the firearms season. Last year the firearms season came in a week earlier than it does this year (if I'm not mistaken). Maybe I will "seal the deal" before then but this is the week I'm planning on taking for now and spending most of the day, everyday, on stand. Let's hear what you think is the prime week to be in the stand during the archery season in 2006.
  2. From the last weekend to the friday before gun season opens.

  3. Randy............for about the last 9 years I have been taking my two weeks off from 10/27-11/10......I usually don't make it till November and my buck tag is filled with archery tackle. What I've noticed is this "early period" your "resident Big-Boys" are feelin' it pretty good and have not vacated their home range yet to chase the girls, they are chasin' the "resident women first"........and they are just rippin' the woods to pieces.....very wound up!!

    I wouldn't trade this period of time for any other. I know the "Full Rut" gets all the press and popularity......but....this time period I speak of though (10/27-11/10) is just down right deadly on the studs.:coolgleam
  4. i like the last week of oct if the weather is right to the 1st week of nov. i'll probably hit it hard the 1st week of nov to around the 10th
  5. Got Mine From 10/26 To 11/10 Been Best For Me ,two Years Ago Set In A Well Used Funnel On 11/6 Got Eight Bucks One Forty Or Better On Film :)
  6. Last year I spent all but about 1 1/2 hours of daylight, took a lunch break, in my stand the day before firearms season started. I saw 6 or 8 bucks, including the one I killed during firearms season, that day as well as several does. They ranged in size from spikes, 6's, 8's, and the big boy 12 pt'r. But they were all on the prowl. The firearms season came in early in '05 so it would have been at the tail end of the time period you speak of. It was the most buck sightings I had seen up to that point of the season and the most I saw in one day the remainder of the season. I attribute that to 2 things: 1) the time of season and 2) the amount of time I spent on stand that day. You won't see 'em if you aren't there. Thanks for the info.
  7. I told you the same thing that Dew told you in the e-mail Randalia. I like the days leading upto the teens because the bucks are cruisin more. Once you get to Nov. 7th and then after it becomes tougher because most of the bucks get hooked up with does and go breed off in neverland. Personally, my real feelings are that Oct. 26-Nov.2 can be the absolute best time to catch a mature buck starting to cruise, alone, checking doe areas. I've caught good bucks traveling from section to section around Oct. 28th. You can usually rattle and grunt and pull them in. This is where Mrs. Doe Pee's and a buck decoy can help a lot. The big dudes will hang up and circle downwind....

    I personally feel that after Nov. 7th, when the breeding gets going heavy, that this is a tougher time (seeing how it's archery) to get a big buck because the rut makes them tougher to get close to ,etc. Of course, your sightings are going to be at an all-time high, but this doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get shots at them. Hope this makes sense, Treeslugger.

    P.S. So, when you figure out your vacation dates, let me know. And, I'll need a mapquest map so I know exactly how to get to your hunting area.:evilsmile !!!
  8. I like the first week of november presonaly, big deer movin all day just lookin for my muzzy!!!:evilsmile
  9. my birthday is nov 9th my wife's is nov 10....dont plan to be home and I hope its an omen!

  10. I'll take............

    Any day after October 25th, but my absoloute favorites are Nov 6-8...... Now if we had an outdoor writer research what the results of hunting Nov 6-8..... Deano>>>>>> More B&C bucks that any other days....
  11. tree I think the first week for bow will be good and I know the week of Nov 18th is when most of the deer is going to be kill.
  12. Big Bucks

    I have seen the most bucks from 10/25 until gun season starts, but the big ones always seem to appear from 10/31 to 11/5 from my log books.
  13. I've always thought November 7th to be an absolute magic time to be out there. I've always seen bucks on this date. As far as researching these dates...Well, Scott Werstler has all the Books....Scott? Care to do the honors? I know you have more free time than I do these days.?????