The BobWhite are calling

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  1. Went to shoot some cays at J.P. DNR today and for over an hour they were call me and flying around. :dizzy:

    I Can't wait till Nov. I'll get even with them. :evilsmile

    But it is good to see so many around. :)
  2. Yeah i wouldent be complaining about all of them around!!! It is kind of frustraiting watching them but the time will come!!! Soon enough:chillin:

  3. I fished the Eel River near Roann last Sat, listened to bobwhites calling on the otherside of the river, nice sound to hear.
  4. I hear the Quail about every day. NO not Quaildancer but the real Bob White and I can answer them and they will answer back. HOW COOL IS THAT JUST TO HEAR THEM
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    About the prettiest sound in nature.
  6. Music to the ears...............;)
  7. Quail

    It is hard for me to decide between the sound of a turkey gobbling and a Bob White whistling. Both are very beautiful sounds in the wild.

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    This a picture of some of the quail we got in December in Southern Indiana:

  9. I tend to go for earthtones, muted shirts, nothing loud.
  10. Whistling

    I was on the golf course last week and the quail were really whistling out there. Too bad I can't hunt them there. Shoot.
  11. Seems odd, I've heard of people getting birdies out on the golf course all the time.
  12. Oh so I guess it's a good thing then I'm color blind? Huh, Jimmy Buffet?
  13. [​IMG]What's wrong with this shirt? It's a classic.