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The Buck from Sperry, Iowa?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Duckz-N-Buckz30, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Has anyone seen the pictures from this potential World Record yet? I just received an email with what is supposed to be this Buck. This Buck supposedly Green scores Gross @ 235, and Net @ 223 (both typical scores) Don't know how much i believe it, or if anyone else has seen it, but here it is. Other sites are saying it was killed in a high fence operation (Timberghost). I am sure some of you probably got this same email just wondering what you all have heard..

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  2. Boone and Crockett has it on their trophy watch, but says as of right now they believe it was shot on a high fence property.

  3. Some of the photo links above seem to be broken, and the link below shows both photos as attached in the email, which includes the deer in the truck bed. If the report of the deer being harvested in a high fenced property is true, I beleive this is an Amazing deer in any case. I'd still love to hear the story behind the photo's if anyone out there knows...
  4. I'm pretty sure they were from a TimberGhost ranch.
  5. Yes I say timberghost, if you look in the rear window of the truck you can see the reflection of the timberghost sign.
  6. monster deer , even if from a cage!!
  7. did hear that this is a deer killed in free range of course it came from a guy at work that hunts and has family from iowa