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The Canned Hunt Boys Are Back.

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by CutNShoot, Jan 12, 2006.

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  2. There is one we probably all agree on.

  3. Roger that. I attended a local Izaak Walton League meeting tonight and this was discussed. Next meeting a member is bringing "the video" of the "hunt" that took place at the fence hunt property that got busted in IN (can't think of the name). Anyway it's the footage of super hero Jimmy Houston killing a "juiced up" deer...what a guy.
  4. Russell Bellar (Slime of the Century)

    You're talking about Billard's...I mean Bellar's Place! Is that the place, Tree?? Yeah, that is what happens when greed and $$$$ are all a person can see.
  5. Yeah, that's the place. One of the duo of Brooks and Dunn paid $20,000 each for 2 bucks he killed there.
  6. Jimmy "MonsterBuckSlayer" Houston

    Jimmy Houston should be shunned for his activities there. Do you think he's a good sportsman??
  7. Heck no...I won't even watch him on TV anymore...when he comes on I change it. I haven't seen this video yet have you? I saw one of his shows before all this came out and I think I remember him saying they were hunting in IN. He was bow hunting and I seem to remember him shooting the deer and it was almost dark out. Do you know if this the footage from Bellar?
  8. No. He never bow shot a deer on the video from Bellars Place.

    The drivers chased several deer, including a big buck,around the 3 acre shooting pen to try and get him a shot, but the buck wouldn't stop long enough.

    In one of his videos he "takes" a big Indiana buck with a muzzleloader. Looked like the same deer to me. Maybe he couldn't get a shot with the bow and switched to a muzzleloader to do the deed?

    Rumor is he didn't even have tag for that and they had to run to town and buy him one.

    I hate to say it but this is all a symptom of bowing down to big antlers. We are setting up for a big fall.

    Don't agree? Read Charley A's article in this months Deer and Deer Hunting.
  9. Yep that was Bellars place who had those TV Hosts/singers hunting there. I thought i even heard that Dale Earnhardt Jr hunted that but i could be wrong. This place was located about 30 minutes from my where i live but i have never actually seen it. Our newspaper had a big article on it though the first year it was up and running. What a crook that guy was. If I had half the money those guys did who hunted there, i would have bought my own property and hunted free roaming animals. I dont see the satisfaction in killing animals inside fences.
  10. Don't kid yourself, if there was no demand for the service high fence hunting provides, this would NOT be an issue.

    FOLKS WHO SEEK THE SERVICES OF THESE TYPE OF PERSERVES are just as big of a problem as the facility themselves.

    COUNTLESS numbers of folks marched into the federal court in Northern Indiana and TESTIFIED under oath that they violated and broke game laws in Indiana.....The Miami County Prosecutor REFUSED to charge these folks with the crimes they had already admitted to. Bellar himself was NOT prosecuted by the state of Indiana, whe was tryed in a FEDERAL court by a FEDERAL prosecutor for violating FEDERAL law. Bellar never faced ONE state charge.

    A Conservation Officer could have emptied a citation book at the Bellar trial.
  11. Yep... but look deeper into what is fueling that. There has to be a motive behind the reason why people will pay exorbitant amounts of money to kill a record deer.

    Are we not our own worst enemies when we bow down at the alter of the big antlers? Is this not a product of our own making?

    If we, as hunters, did not put the big antlers up on a pedestal and do all kinds of tricks to get them do you think that maybe this kind of crap wouldn't happen?

    Deer hunting has become a perversion. It is fastly becoming, not a sport to enjoy, but a contest to see who has the biggest. It is a shame that we have taken a sport that was so pure and enjoyable and made it what it is today and fastly becoming.

    I am not optomistic about deer hunting's future.
  12. I agree (did I say that?) to a certain degree there is a segment of "hunters", and I use that word loosely, that do and will resort to this type of tactic for taking big game animals. It is driven home more and more by the "hunters" on TV that take big game after big game on supposed hunts leading people to believe that fenced hunting is legit. A prime example is Alan Warren who seems to do a majority of his hunting on Texas hunting ranches, fenced Texas hunting ranches over feeders. I know it's legal to hunt over feeders in some states but that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I know the TV shows are money driven by advertisers but all this comes at a price to the integrity of hunting. I am optimistic however, that the majority of real hunters would never stoop to the level that some other "hunters" have in regards to fenced hunts. I still believe that most hunters do and will continue to do the right thing when it comes to ethically taking a big game animal. FAIR CHASE is the only legitimate and ethical way to take big game and/or other game in the field.

  13. Who is it that is watching these shows?

    Who is it that is buying these videos?

    Who is it that puts these people on pedestals?

    Who is it that is after bigger antlers than the other guy has got?

    Who is it that has made deer hunting a contest to see who can get the biggest set of antlers?

    Who is it that is not satisfied just to go deer hunting but has to grow trophy deer?

    Who is it that is not satisfied with hunting for a "trophy" but has to have the state mandate some sort of a restriction just to grow trophies?

    It is US. WE are to blame for it all.

    WE are killing the sport in this almighty quest for a bigger set of antlers and most do not even realize it or if they do, they don't care.
  14. Here is the http address to get your house representative's email address

    Here is the email I sent to my house rep - Marlin Stutzman

    House Bill 1349 - I see there is a bill up to make another try at legalizing fenced big game hunting- I am 100% opposed to this bill. I am an avid deer hunter myself. But I believe this kind of animal killing is very wrong. It is not fair chase. It makes regular hunting, a cherished pursuit look bad by association. It confines animals so that deadly deer diseases like bovine turberculosis and chronic wasting disease can be easily passed from one animal to the next. Legitimate hunting has enough bad press as it is without this kind of big game whoring.
    I believe in the sanctity of individual freedom but we all have to realize that freedom must be tempered to benefit and protect us all.
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