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"The Challenge" Teams

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by anon782010, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. OK, I know you all have been waiting...and since I currently have no life...HERE ARE THE TEAMS!!!!

    TEAM 1
    Tine Lock

    TEAM 2
    James Lyon

    TEAM 3
    super mag

    TEAM 4
    Scott Westler
    side slapper
    Scarlet Dew

    TEAM 5

    TEAM 6
    Dean Weimer
    Morchella Fella

    410, seabee, crooked, scott, quail and need to get me team names for the official scoreboard...
  2. Oh, it's already over. Team 3 has got this:evilsmile

  3. I don't know...1-6 all look pretty tough...came out pretty good I thought
  4. I agree. They all look fair. Should be a good contest. I was just talking trash already:biggrin: .
  5. O.K. Trent, I'll get back with you for a team 6 name when I talk it over with my teammates. I do have a name for Team 4 however,

    The Sis Boys

    How convenient for Dew and Werstler to be on the same team...then they can hold hands. Hey, J.L., post the smileys vomitting on each other again, will you please?
  6. tmarsh....first I get chastized for not signing up until the last minute...THEN I get put on a team with Quail...what did I ever do to you??? :cwm27: :hide:
  7. Tree, don't you like birds? Don't overlook that Pigeon is on your team too!

  8. you know something, i drew teams, and i saw pigeon and quail on the same team, and i was so tempted to pull doug from that group, and let you, quail, and pigeon be on a team with DEANO!!!!! but you guys didn't deserve that...
  9. Pigeon will score big points for us with his quackery and big fish exploits from up north.
  10. Exploits...what I wouldn't give to have some friggin' exploits...
  11. J.L. is on MY team!!:woohoo1:

    This means I can sit back, relax, and watch the points rack up!!:fish:

  12. Now wait a did that during the team deer contest too!!! :cwm27: :cwm27: :cwm27: :hide: :hide: :hide:
  13. :mad: :chicken: ~
    Not sure what to make of that, Randy. Don't you worry 'bout me, I've got a whole new supply of rattletraps, I can see the fish just flying into the boat now.
  14. Shut up, RANDY! 5 points for a doe (archery, thank you) and a lot of watching big bucks makes for a long deer season! We can't all get lucky like you and J.L. !:bowdown:
  15. "Team 1" at the top right where they belong. I would imagine we will be there all year.