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The Coffee Pot

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Beagleman_Dan, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Mornin' Hoosiers,

    Being new to this site, I could not find the morning coffee pot or any cyber-food for breakfast. Does this website offer a forum for general about anything or nothing? Heck, every outdoor website has a "Campfire", "Coffee Pot", "Water Cooler", or some type forum whare folks chat about anything & everything.

    Just a suggestion, that's all.

    So let me start it off by offering this pot of Folgers Dark Roast. In honor of the opening of deer season this weekend, I made this in my old camp coffee perculator I take to deer camp and on campouts. You know, there is nothing better than coffee perked over a campfire. There is a heck of a difference in the flavor of perked coffee and the drip style we are all accustomed to now days.

    So grab yerselves a cup of camp coffee and pull up a chair. We'll sit here by the wood stove and shoot the bull for awhile. Are you ready for the weekend opener? I am. I am pumped. I would love to see this cool weather last through the weekend, but I'm afraid it is gonna warm back up some.

    Have a good day folks.
    -Dan- ;)
  2. I'm with you the cold and wind can stick around. Keep those deer moving. I would reallly like to see a fine dusting of snow.

  3. Amen to that thought Ice Dude. It has been many, many moons since I remember snow on opening day. I think it was 1974 opener in Southern Michigan. I killed a real nice 8-point that day.

    -Dan- ;)
  4. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    If you're a bird hunter, you live for snow...makes everything easier for the hunter and the dog.

    Birds sit tighter....easier to spot them when they fall....scenting conditions much easier on a to track them in the snow.'s prettier out.
  5. gotta love it

    Oh ya, there's nothing better than hunting in the snow. deer stick out like a sore thumb. too bad it is going to warm up, but oh well, as long as the rut is in and people are out moving deer around, there's a good chance to see something.
  6. Yes, the rut is in full force, and that is gonna help a lot. Some years it seems the rut is over or about over by opening day, but not this year.
    -Dan- ;)
  7. Late season pheasant hunting in the snow. Now there's a cup of Joe for ya. Best hunt I ever had was one afternoon at a reserve up here in northwest Indiana when the wind was light, there was 5 inches of powder on the ground and flakes coming down. Late afternoon and I remember actually hearing the birds calling as they were coming in. Tally was one rooster and two quali from a covey that surprised me. Course I didn't get any on the first rise, but was lucky enough to walk them down. That was in 1976. Hmmm, Campfire coffee. Takes you back. Where's the kettle.
  8. I'll tell you something else that is a blast, and that is squirrel hunting after deer season is over, and there is snow on the ground. You can take some of them longer shots with no fear of not finding the squirrel on the ground.

    Of course, with beagles and all, I just love listening to my dogs singing their song while I wait for Mr. bunny to come hopping by me. :bouncy: A few inches of snow, a couple beagles, rabbits, oh yeah, talk about fun.
    -Dan- ;)
  9. By the way, 30° here this morning. Coffee is on, and I've made a couple fried egg sandwiches. Help yourself.

    Have a great day folks. And good luck this weekend.
    -Dan- ;)
  10. This sounds like a good Idea the coffee pot, I like Maxwell house dark roast myself. But have had my arm twisted into a Starbucks hazelnut Mocha every now and then.
  11. I miss beagleman Dan,, everymorning,, he used to have a pot of coffee and a bowl of HOT oatmeal,, and a fire stoked up and ready!! Where are you now BeagleManDan?
  12. Dan moved to Michigan about 3 years ago and I haven't heard from him since.

  13. Did a search looking for rabbits, and ran across it, thought it was good and gave it a bump.
  14. Got my maxwell house brewing this morning, and scrambled eggs. heading off to work, you all have a good day. If you catch too many remember us working stiffs...