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The Ethics of Deer Hunting

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by JL, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Reading a current thread made me want to start up this thread for those hunters who may be (although perhaps unknowingly) performing un-ethical or frowned-upon activities in the deer-hunting world. I'm not saying that everything that I do should be a model, but I've deer-hunted for 17 years, and I've seen some chit over the years that makes me sick. Here are the suggestions I would make to ANY deer hunter. Feel free to add what you think is necessary:

    1. Never, never say the words "I stuck one." This is like nails on a chalkboard to me. It makes you sound like a heathen...

    2. Put your tailgate up...not everyone wants to see your deer (and there are always bigger ones out there...I promise, yours isn't the biggest!)

    3. Use ALL of the meat from the animal you kill...

    4. It's okay to feel remorse for killing an animal...that's what makes you human.

    5. "I need to kill something" are words that should never be uttered.

    6. Don't be too proud...see #2.

    7. Don't complain about not seeing deer when you don't put in the time...It's "hunting," not "shooting."

    8. "Whack 'em and stack 'em!" is as retarded a saying as there ever was...have some self-respect, man...

    9. Deer hunting is NOT about antlers...

    10. When there is ANY shred of doubt, DON'T pull the trigger!
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  2. Me? No...just pissed...
  3. I don't mind Brew's picture...what I DO mind is guys parading a dead animal around town for the public to see (whether they want to or not). If you're a "tailgate-opener-and-driver-arounder," I realize I may have offended you, but I won't apologize. Put it up...
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  4. Forgot hunting is illegal. If you don't know what "party hunting" is, it's when you shoot a deer and use someone else's tag on that deer. Yeah, illegal.
  5. cant agree more with the whole tail gate up thing... tail gate up and legs tucked in the back please. Ive been saying it since i got on this sight. its our actions now that provide our future in this sport. Unknowingly its the "on the fence" public that will inevitably decide our fate and shoving dead animals in their faces and parading them around town isnt the answer.

    Another thing that pisses me off and james im not picking on you here but its people that dont smile for their pictures. Its like you gotta be a tough ass because you killed a nice deer. I stopped in the gander mtn in Merrilville today and picked up some stuff for my muzzleloader and on the way out i stopped and looked at the bulletin board. I noticed a kid not 13 or 14 years old that shot an albino doe. She was pretty to say the least. The kid literally had a scowl on his face. What the hell is that all about. Id be ear to ear if i killed that thing. Then there are those billy badass guys with their shotguns that dont smile either because they are doing their hero shots. You were graced by god and given a gift of his creation smile about it. It doesnt take a hard ass to kill a deer it takes someone in touch with nature to do it the right way. If you kill a deer and you cant smile about it then there is one of two things wrong... 1.) you did it wrong and probably illegally 2.) you dont appreciate it and you should just stop hunting all together.

    Smile fellas its supposed to be fun and rewarding if you do it right whats not to smile about?
  6. I looked like an idiot in every picture I smiled in for a while, so I quit smiling....I realized I LOVE smiling, and I'm learning to do it in my pictures offense taken, Dustin!


  7. Heres my view of hunting. I started hunting at the age of 6 with my father (God bless him for that). I, like most of us on here, had the I must kill something mentalidy when I first started. As we grow we learn to appreciate the finer aspects of the hunt. It no longer becomes about the kill, but all the memories that add up in the hunt. I pesonally am proud of any deer I harvest be it a doe or a buck. I come from a strong relgious background that carries over the my hunting also. I thank the lord and ask him to bless every deer I have taken. I personally love to hunt big and mature whitetail, I dont consider myself a horn worshipper but an adrinalin junky from the trill of trying to outsmart an animal in his own domains that is much more kein than I am. Should we parade them all through town for the whole world to see, to each their own, but thats not my style. Should we be proud of what we accomplished, YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT.
  8. I hate hearing "I looked for like 30 minutes after shooting that thing..."

    Look some More !!
  9. I dont see anything wrong with your smile. I cheeze like a drunk monkey in all my deer photos.
  10. The pictures I've posted on here will tell you I'm proud of what I have accomplished in my deer-hunting career. But I try not to force that pride onto anyone. I know you guys like to see big bucks in the beds of pickup trucks...that's why you get to see 'em. Not everyone wants to see that though, and I respect those people too.
  11. Tailgates and SUV's

    I have to agree with the tailgate up rule! I have seen people go around the corner and lose their deer out of the bed of their open bed. What a shame that was! Now that is one that really ticked me off.

    On the other hand, those of us that drive SUV's (I drive a Honda Element), I use a rack that goes in my hitch and haul it on that. Now, I do make a conscience effort to make sure that it is as discrete as possible, of course once rigamortis sets in and if it is hanging, it makes it a little harder to be discrete, so as I deliver to the processor, I try to drive on backroads. Thoughts...?
  12. Tell me about it, far as I'm concerned, if you're not 100% certain that that deer will make a full recovery, keep looking!
  13. Thanks, I said, I'm learning all over again!