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The 'Eyes of Late Winter/Early Spring

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by Dean Weimer, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Anyone heard any good river walleye reports yet??? I've fished Salamonie, Mississinewa, Tippecanoe (Oakdale Dam, Norway Dam),St. Joe in Elkhart, and the Ft. Wayne rivers in the past. Just wondered if anyone has heard any good reports about fish moving up, etc.
  2. I heard of walleye being taken at the Oakdale damm in Monticello. Right by the creek on the lower side of the damm.

  3. Beware...The "Eyes" of March

  4. I have a friend that lives in Elkhart by the dam, I will give him a call and check out the walleye bite.
  5. St Joe???? Not just yet, but its coming. I am sure someone is catching something, but nothing major just yet. Worked in St Joe, Michigan last couple days. There was a couple boats going up and down there.
  6. Hey Dean this was reported to me on Wednesday the 22nd. Jig and minnow about 4ft down. Nothing really big, but I would rather smell like fish than smell like skunk!
  7. River Rats......

    What's the word on Walleyes???? IF (the BIB IF) this weather continues, which it probably won't, seeing that it's Indiana, the fish should start to move up more. Keep the reports coming in all.

    Anyone ever fish the Yellow River?????
  8. Ssshhhh! Dont let too many secrets out. Didnt think too many fished the Yellow. That is a prime small river. Not like the Kankakee which is just a flat canal. Twists and turns, holes and runs. It has it all, and loaded with lots of surprises. I have caught my BEST looking walleye from the Yellow. Was only 23 inchs but the color on that fish was unreal. Very healthy. And the Pike in there. Not too many fish it though. Not real good access. But its loaded. I havent been there for 3 years, but planning to make it this year. Where do you fish it at? A friend of mine's parents have land with about 1/2 mile of river outside Plymouth. Always a good time there.
  9. Hey Pigeonflyer......!!!!!

    Are you friends with Cody???
  10. few at the maumee water still to cold few jack have moved in but the cold snap will slow things down again :mad: :sad: O.D.N.R. says it should be a good run this year they have uped the 2006 run = four walleye - 15 inch minimum. :bowdown: more eyes per trip
  11. Walleyes.....

    Hey Bubba, You live in Hamilton??
  12. nope i am in ft.wayne my siter does so i am up to see them alot
  13. Eyes

    When will you start hitting Maumee???