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The "F.L.U".....

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Dean Weimer, May 22, 2006.

  1. In the chat room last night our own James "Coach" Lyon(s) reported that he was going walleye fishing (*&^%$%^$$!!!!!!!) this A.M. However, we noticed that he hasn't been released from his "duties" yet. When confronted with said "duties", the Coach replied "Flu"....

    Flu????? What type of Flu you ask? F.L.U??

    I came up with Fishing Lies Used :hide: ....

    O.K. O.K. Pigeoncrapper came up with Fishing Lies Used, my version was ....
    Fishing Line Under.

    Who can come up with some good ones for F.L.U?

    I thought I may be coming down with a touch of that last night after Coach mentioned it. The symptoms of this Springtime F.L.U can be one or more of the following:

    1) A sudden twitching of your dominate wrist....
    2) Sudden daydreaming of the piscatorial kind; lack of focus on common everyday, unimportant tasks.....
    3) Buying Tartar Sauce at the store without realizing it...
    4) An inability to hear the wife/girlfriend's pleas to mow the yard, do landscaping work, etc....
    5) Going to local bait shops for no apparent reason...
    6) Going to Gander Mountain, Cabela's and "camping" out in the piscatorial section....

    Any other symptoms that I am not aware of?

    This F.L.U is serious stuff folks. As you can see it can affect the nervous systom, brain, hearing, memory, reasoning, stomach, etc.

    Is there any cure?

    Good luck out there Coach and everyone else. Don't forget the tissues...:corkysm55
    Sniff, sniff, a a A A AH-CHEW!!!!!!!! Fish On!!!
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  2. I'm trying to save my sick days for deer season!

  3. Every day is a "sick" day for you Birdbrains......
  4. The guy gets the entire summer off work...and he has to bail out on the kids at this point of the school year...poor kids...I mean poor substitute, they are gonna' terrorize that substitute today!!! Good luck...JL...we're all just jealous!
  5. jl I came up with this F.L.U. Friends Love U. or Fish Lyon's University when is class James. Good Luck
  6. Today, James has no class.
  7. Flu------fish Leave Understood It Means When Fishing Is Good And You Call In Sick Every Body Knows Your Lying Thru Your Teeth But They Understand.
  8. Got three walleyes (all too short), a bunch of bass, and a nice, five-pound pike. WINDY! Pic. of the nicest bass below.

  9. Thats the kind of FLU I like. good fish jl
  10. Speak for yourself, loser. At least the Coach gets "class" after yesterday. You, my friend, well, let's just say that you're a "Lifer". Eat it, Birdboy!! Can I get that aweful picture now?
  11. Friends Love U???? I think I really AM getting sick now!!
  12. Do you mean this picture of you in your "deer blind"??
  13. Is Jimmy in there with him too???
  14. This thread could go south VERY fast!