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The first time

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Flintlocker, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Spring is all but here, and we will all be hitting the ol' Fishin' Hole hard. Lots of us have children or grandchildren who will be joining us. Some for the first time. I can remember the first fishing trips for all of my 3 children. I'm sure all of you have similar trips that will be with you forever. However, how many can remember your first fishing trip, your first fish, your first fishing buddy?

    I don't remember the specifics, it was probably something like this...

    Fishing for very small bluegills in the spillway pool of a small lake outside of Brownstown, In with my grandmother. I got my first rod and reel as a gift for Easter, and put it to good use that afternoon. While we fished a lot with my father and uncles, none of them took panfishing as seriously as grandma. God I miss her this time of year....

    How about the rest of you?
  2. I remember my first two-pound bass. It was with my grandpa on a small lake in MI. I got the fish on a coachdog colored Jitterbug. I was probably around 5 or 6 years old. I also remember my first four-pound bass. It was also caught while I was fishing with my grandpa, when I was 9 or so. He didn't teach me everything I know, but he certainly gave me the tools to learn everything I know, and for that, I thank him.

  3. I believe that the "Grandpa" (Hi Quail :dizzy: ) theme will pop up often in this thread. I had 3 grandpas. One biological, and two step grandpas...they all fished. My first experiences came up at little Cedar lake in Whitley County. My grandpa had a few of those old time cane poles rigged up for me and my brothers at all times. I can remember catching all kinds of different fish up there.

    My other Grandpa and Grandma in Garrett got the walleye bug in the 1970s up in Minnesota. My first trip up there produced a 3 pounder for me on the first evening out. It was rainy, cool, and windy...perfect walleye weather. I got it on a leech in about 32 feet of water. I took one look at that 'eye and have been screwed ever since. For those who have never experienced the Great North Woods...I beg you to go before your time is up. Nothing like it on Earth.

    My other grandpa and grandma had a cottage at Lake of the Woods in LaGrange County. I can remember fishing with him often as well.

    My brother, Dan, and I, in particular have been chasing critters since I can remember. It's a family thing, and I salute my grandpas for taking the time to bitch, cuss, yell, and instill in me a deep love for fishing that I no doubt will carry on 'til I die.
  4. I had been bluegill fishing alot when I was younger, but never really did anything more than bobber fishing on ponds until my stepdad was around.

    We re-did a boat, and the first time we were out I hooked a 4 lb bass. We werent in the water for 15 minutes. Hauled it out of a tree top with an olive and khaki jig with a worm trailer. Biggest public water bass I've ever caught.

    Been hooked ever since...
  5. My fondest memories were crappie fishing in Arkansas with my grandfather in his 17' Lowe boat. Lake Nimrod (funny name) near Russellville. One of the best crappie lakes around at that time, 20-30 fish mornings until it started to get hot. They were good times, taught me a lot. Always had to get all the chores done before he would take me, though. I always ended up cleaning the fish, too, but it made them taste that much better.
  6. My earliest memories of fishing are with my Dad. I can still remember him poking me in the sides to get me up to go fishing. I would get so excited the night before I couldn't get to sleep. We would always go out the night before and pickup nightcrawlers in the wet grass to use for bait the next morning. I can still remember him carrying that old wooden jon boat over his head through the weeds and woods to get us to the lake. Back then the lake we fished didn't have a ramp or any public access. I remember him stuffing some cookies in my coat pocket for my breakfast before we left the house. All these good memories and I haven't mentioned anything about the fish we caught. I'm still fishing with my Dad and I hope I get to for a lot more years. Today is his birthday and I am taking him out for lunch and no doubt we'll be talking about our first fishing trip of this spring. Happy Birthday Dad and thanks for the memories!!!
  7. None of my family was into fishing or hunting. But I do recall my dad taking me fishing on a couple occasions when I was little. My dad liked to go canoing and would let me bring along a cane pole. I remember catching one or two fish in those few outings. I remember my dad became friends with a guy who had a stocked pond just outside of town when I was probably 9 or 10 years old. He took me out there one time and I remember catching a few fish, but he never took me again. I just started going out there on my own and with a friend on our bikes and catching SLABS of hybrid gills.

    I'm pretty sure the last time I ever fished with my dad, I was about 10 years old. I can count on one hand the number of times he and I've fished together. I bet he hasn't fished in about 28 years. Needless to say, Dad and I don't have much in common.

    All of my fishing experience was self taught and through friends. In high school, fishing was simply a means for us teenagers to drink beer without getting caught. In my college days it was a way for me to form a bond with my now father-in-law (a very casual fisherman). I'm still not a big fisherman, but now for me fishing is just a great way to keep my kids interested in the outdoors.:coolgleam
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    When I was a kid my parents owned a baitshop. I was around fisherman all the time. Every day people would stop in and get bait, bring fish by to have pictures taken. All the pictures went up on a huge bulletin board. My first memories of fishing would be riding to private ponds with my dad in an old 1960's suburban truck that my dad used for fishing trips. I remember him always telling me that I had to let the bobber set there awhile, but it didnt happen....I was always reeling back in just so I could cast again. I remember reeling fish in and having the reel upside down and cranking I remember dad spending most of his time untangleing my line, getting my line out of trees and teaching me how to bait a hook properly. Good Times.
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    My first memory is fishing with my uncle Ralph at his cottage on Crooked Lake (Angola) in the third basin.

    Ralph and I would go fishing when everyone else was at church (I've been a sinner my whole life)

    We would troll purple nightcrawlers for bass. One Sunday, Ralph caught a huge bass and he put in on the stringer.

    When we were done and coming back to shore, I grabbed the stringer and held it up to show everyone on shore the big bass Ralph caught....plop, the fish got off the stringer and jumped into the lake.

    I beat both the boat and uncle Ralph back to shore....and I didn't even know how to swim well.
  10. Grew up in Hammond, started fishing with my Grandpa off the piers around E. Chicago and Gary. Learned to fish with crappie rigs for catching Perch like mad there. Must have been about 5 or 6 years old at the much as he gave me a love for fishing, he's the one who turned me on to fine pointing dogs, although it would be decades later that I learned you could actually hunt with them. Yep, have to blame Grandpa for the curse of fishing and pointing dogs, love 'em all to death.
  11. When I was young, Grandpa had a cabin on Raccoon Creek about 8 miles north of the reservoir. I remember catching nightcrawlers with Grandma the night before we would fish. Dad, Grandpa and my uncle and I would set out early the next morning, when we were done and they was cleaning fish, I would be over by the damn next to the cabin still fishing and adding to the pile of fish untill they made me start helping them. We used to catch and eat gills, crappie, turtles and frogs. I was 5 years old or maybe younger when I caught a two pound bass just below the damn by myself one morning before everyone got up, on a beetle spin. I can remember them hearing me yell and coming out to see what was going on. I got yelled at more than once about sneaking out before they got up after that! Bass have been my favorite ever since.
    I was my Grandpa's fishing buddy back then and I will always cherish the times and memories I had with him. Man, I miss him.
    My son just turned ten back in Febuary, he's been fishing with me since he was old enough to hold a pole.
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  12. i can't specifically remember my first fishing trip or my first fish, but i do have pretty good memories of fishing when i was really young. my grandpa had a light blue 78 impala that was his fishing car. we would load up in it and go to the "boat club" to catch bluegills and catfish under a bobber. He never got to do much fishing when me and my brother were around because he was always untangling the line from our zebco 33's and retying hooks. i caught the fishing bug at a real early age and i couldn't wait until the summer time when my brother and i would spend at week at grandma and grandpas. as i got older, i think i started wearing grandpa out because i was wanting to go fishing every minute of the day. But there's nothing like the memories of being 4 or 5 and flying down a hot dusty gravel road in that old impala heading to the boat club to catch a mess of fish.
  13. At my age it's hard to remember my first fishing trip, but I'd like to tell a story about my grandsons. I have a sister-in-law who is good as gold. It's just that some times she gets in over her head a little bit. She had lived in Roanoke VA for a few years and had not yet sold her house in VA when she moved back to IN. When she did sell it and went to VA to close on it, she took my grandsons, who were about 5 and 7 at the time, with her. Since her house was on a lake she had told the grandsons they would be doing some fishing. When they get back home she proceeded to tell me that I needed to teach my grandsons how to bait their own hook. I asked what she was talking about because I never had to bait their hook for them. She said she never even got to fish because all she had time to do was bait the grandson's hooks. Later that evening my wife and I were at my daughters and I asked my son-in-law if he knew his sons did not know how to bait a hook. He said yes they did, and wanted to know what the heck I was talking about and I told him what my sister-in-law had told me. He called the grandsons over and asked them why their aunt had to bait their hooks for them when they had been taught to bait their own hook. They got this sheepish look and the oldest finally told us that, every time they caught a fish my sister-in-law would cast right in the middle of them and they ended up with tangled lines. He said they acted like they could not bait their own hooks so she would'nt have time to fish and keep getting tangled up in their lines. My son-in-law and I laughed our azzes off, patted them on the back and told them that was the way to use their heads.
  14. The first fish I remember catching was when I was a bout 6 or 7. Dad and us boys were trotlining on the White River near Spencer. Dad had cut willow poles for us to mess with and maybe catch a few small panfish to put on the trotlines for bait. We were dipping the bait in amongst the stumps and I pulled out a 2 lb channel cat on a little willow pole baited with an earthworm.
  15. My dad is(was) into fishing. Before moving out west we did a fair amount of bluegill.

    Out West we always hadan ultralight kit in our backpacks for brook trout, rainbows & goldens.

    I never really got into it though. Until I developed my fish alergy, it was strictly an "extra camping food" thing.

    The last time I went "fishing" I stood in the middle of a salmon stream in Alaska with a .454 Casull rather than a fishing pole... seems my "fishign buddies" wanted to fish without having to spend all their time looking over their shoulder for bears... :coco: