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The Future of Hunting

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by broomhandle, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. In many of the Western states one must now pay large leasing fees based on the amount of land hunted. For the well heeled this is no problem but in my opinion, hunting big game on large ranches will become a rich man's sport.
    The other problem is that the hunter generations are dying out with not enough of a new generation of hunters to take their place. It is becoming more "socially and politically correct" for the hunting of animals to be demonized. Partly because of the increasing public view of a "blur" between "Assault Weapons" and "Hunting Weapons" and also because of the increasing unpopularity of killing game to a majority of the leftist elite who have large financial backing, I believe it is not IF but WHEN the sport of hunting will largely disappear as we know it.
    This is only my opinion but I believe it to be true.
  2. Well, when the Leftist, Liberal "treehuggers" (sorry Randal) outlaw hunting then the animals will re-produce themselves into extinction. And guess who we'll have to blame for it? The animal rights folks don't have a clue about Natural Laws and biology, etc. Humans have been eating animals for thousands of years; and animals have been eating each other for even longer--it was God's plan. Take a good look at the incisors that you have in a mirror sometime. Incisor is deriven from "scissors"---to cut. We're meat eaters, folks. Personally, I love vegetables, but I like mine alongside a nice hunk of meat.

    Nobody wants leasing to take over to an extent that middle class folks won't be able to do it, but, folks, leasing is coming--for better or worse. This is why you need to approach your landowners NOW...before it's too late. Building positive relationships with your landowner friends is key. Many landowners don't like the idea of leasing, but eventually their kids, or whoever purchases the land will eventually mull the idea over. Get out there and at least approach them about it. Before it's too late....

    I keep hearing that we aren't recruiting enough new hunters into the next generations. Although I don't see this where I live yet...perhaps there is a trend. Take a kid hunting.....

    And Political Correctness of hunting????? See, there we go very careful who you vote for in future generations. If hunting is a top priority then keep this in mind when you go to the polls. You like your guns? VOTE!!!!!!!!
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  3. Rowdy


    Dean, dont forget the folks below the middle class hunters. The "working poor" hunters will be the first affected.

    Everyone wants things to be the way they "used to be". Like hunting with papaw, and the old deer camps. Well it would be that way today if we werent all hungry for horns.

    You cant have anything good without someone with more money willing to buy it out from under you. The woking class people will build this state up to where its producing bigger bucks and then when it gets to be a really sweet place to hunt the leasing will take over.
    Admit it or not, we are all just slaves for the wealthy, we just dont seem to realize it as much without the chains.
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    no...I just have an open and clear mind.

    I thought on this forum everyone was entitled to their own opinion and that we could share them with others. I guess I was wrong. I have learnned just from observing that if someone has an opinion that you dont agree with, you try to make them to be a bad guy and sway the crowd in your favor. Maybe you should run for mayor.

    Let me just make this easy on are right and anyone that disagrees with you is wrong.

    Now you can sleep tonight.
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  5. Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?
  6. ...not just hot...blistering hot!
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    rico, you would have to ask Dean Weimer, im sure he controls the thermostat to.
  8. Now that is funny. Hey, we all get worked up looking at this screen, me included. But that is why we keep coming back for more!!!!!!:evilsmile
  9. I have hunted most of my life...not just deer hunting. As a matter of fact I didn't start deer hunting until I was 23 years old...I know that was a long time ago. I mostly hunted rabbits, pheasants, quail, squirrels. Over the years the areas we hunted rabbits, pheasants, quail slowly went downhill. The reason was the habitat slowly disappeared because of "progress" on the farming front. Farmers planted more and more of the land leaving no barriers, removed fence rows eliminating habitat, and allowing for the destruction of these resources by predators or the elements. I will not blame all of this on the farmer as other areas I hunted were railroad right of ways. The railroads went through and ripped out everything as well and/or sprayed the areas killing off all the vegatation/habitat. Was any one group raising a concern at the time all of this was going on? I do not know the answer but my guess is NO, and if they were it was not nearly loud enough. Today you can go to these same areas and not see anything after a 3-4 hour rabbit/pheasant hunt. What does this have to do with deer hunting? ALOT. By us raising our concerns now, voicing our opinions now, hopefully we will not see the decline in hunting for this species as we have in other areas...hopefully for deer hunters in Indiana the best is yet to come.
  10. The Real Problem For The "decline" Of Hunting In My Opinion Can Be Attributed To One Or Two Things. First, There Is Simply Too Many People In The World. As The Population Grows, People Are Moving Outward From The Cities, Bulldozing Woods And Fields For Strip Malls And Parking Lots. The Land Has Become More Vaulable For Things Other Than It`s Natural State.

    People In Urban/suburban Areas Are Never Exposed To Hunting, Fishing And In General A Rural Lifestyle. As Generations Pass Without This Outdoor Exposure It Becomes Easier To Look At Hunting As A Barbaric Trait.

    People No Longer Have To Rely On Killing Prey To Have A Meal . They Can Simply Drive To The Supermarket. In My Grandfathers Time, If You Did Not Have A Garden And Did Not Hunt, You Did Not Eat.

    Kids Today Also Have Many More Choices Than They Did 40 Years Ago. Sports Go Year Round, No Off Season. Electronic Games And Computers Are Much Easier On A Body Than Sitting In A Tree Stand When It Is Cold And Rainy.

    Unfortunately Hunting Is Slowly Being Strangled By The Above And A Few More Things That I Did Not Have Time To Mention. I Urge All Readers To Do Everything They Can, Every Time They Can To Slow The Erosion, Keep The Faith And Pass The Sandbags.
  11. You left one out....people that grew up doing it in the country, moved to the city to get a good job!!!!!!
  12. Horns?????????

    HAY....To hell with the "HORNS" ...I Love ANTHERS...And BIG BUCKS...:cheeky-sm
  13. Good post Brich....
  14. I think what will help to kill hunting in our great grand kids is that both parents are working and don't have time to spent with their kids ( don't get me wrong, not all parents are like that but I bet 85% or higher are), Both parents don't have to work but they do so they can have all the new things and OH YES to pay bills. Please don't take me wrong we all need to do our part and take a kid hunting, fishing or just in the great outdoors and enjoy the kids while we are still here. We can help do our part by buying a piece of hunting ground for our great great kids.