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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by Piggyn, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Well, my day got off to a horrible start. As I was backing out the front door my two rods got caught on the wreath that hangs on our door. Both rod tips broke!!! It’s not like they were St. Croix’s, but @#%$*&. Anyhow, a little hockey tape later, and I’m headed to the lake with one usable rod.

    The entrance to the public access hadn’t been plowed lately, so my little Civic got stuck. I did some digging with my hands, and eventually got into the lot where the snow wasn’t deep at all. Then I made a nice little hike through the drifts. I started fishing in 13-15’ of water, catching 12 keepers in the first hour, but only 2 two the rest of the day.

    If not for my two delays I could have been out there an hour earlier, and I’m sure I would have caught a lot more as a result. The fish shut off when sun the came out. I was marking lots of fish, but they just quit biting. Some would follow my jig 2’+ up from the bottom, but they almost always stopped. The fish that did bite were super subtle about it. I talked to a couple other guys, and they experienced the same thing, marking lots of fish with few takers.

    When I got back to the lot I had to shovel the entrance clear so that I could get my car back out. Since I didn’t have a shovel, I had to kick the snow out of the way with my boots. About 30 minutes later I was able to drive my car out with no problem. I was sweating like crazy, and drove part of the way home with the windows down.

    All in all it was a good day, although it would have been a lot better if I could have started fishing an hour earlier like I’d planned. I brought home 18 keepers, 4 of which were given to me. None of them were brutes, but they filleted all the same.

  2. Nice stack...much better than any mess I've accumulated thus far.

  3. All's well that ends in a bowl of filets.
  4. Great fish! I caught 14 nice crappies and gills this morning. Had to work hard for them!
  5. Looks yummy! Cool that you got something for the effort
  6. :bouncy: sweet at least you got out nice mess of fish :bouncy:
  7. More of the good! I took one of my friends ice fishing this evening. It was only the 2nd time he'd ever gone. We fished 1.5, maybe 2 hours, and brought home 22 keepers, about half of which were crappie.

    I only had to drill 2 holes, 1 for each of us, and we had constant action the whole time. It would have been a nice night to have a shanty, though. BRRR!!!

  8. More of the bad! I fished for a couple hours this evening at my hot spot, but only turned up 1 crappie, which I released. I was still marking a lot of fish, but they either weren't hungry, or I just couldn't tell when I was getting bit because of the wind. I was supposed to still be cleaning fish now! :banghead3 Oh well, it's not supposed to be very windy tomorrow.
  9. I managed 11 more tonight, but I really had to work for them. I don't know if I would have caught any without my flasher. The only way the fish would bite is if you slowly lifted the jig and paused it a couple inches above them. If they followed the jig up and stopped, I'd lift it again. I had to do that 5-6 times for a total rise of 2' before some of those fish bit.

  10. I managed a few more tonight. There was a period right before dark where the fish became really active. Unfortunately I had 4 or 5 crappie get off right at the hole during that time! After that window of activity it was back to lifting and pausing to try to coax them into biting.

  11. Today I fished for about 5 hours and kept 26, although I should have quit after 3 hours, since I only caught a couple after that. The bite really heated up just as the sun was coming up. A couple schools of crappie swam through, and I was getting bites as fast as I could get my jig back down. Good times!

  12. sweet ! nice mess of paper mouths and gills:biggrin: