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I came across these three pictures by antique shopping and buying out a storage container full of various old stuff. The deer running in the water picture reminded me of my old friend from Texas that was a pioneer of hunting and fishing. Frank actually had this same picture in his living room in a bigger version. He was a great friend and I definitely miss him and his hunting and fishing stories reaching all the way back to the 1950s. We spent a lot of time on the lakes bass fishing and sometimes sometimes for some late spring spawning catfish. We occasionally went deer hunting too. I use to take my deer after a hunt to his house to hang them up in a tree and enjoy the moment of celebration of the kill. He would help with the deer all the while telling more deer hunting stories, making a memorable moment in time.
I found the other two black and white pictures of hunters truly amazing. The history of these make your mind wonder and make guess' of where, when, and what was going on other than the obvious. I see old rifles, clothes, a row of buffalo powered take down bullets, and possibly some possible well known folks through history itself. I wanted to share the pictures with yall to be able share my intrigue.
I made this post to enjoy the pictures and for you to share your moments in time, whether old or new with pictures and/or stories. I personally own hundreds of hunting pictures, but the currently are in storage. I have a few old ones on my phone, but none with friends in them. Most of my fishing and hunting friends have died off through the years. Hunting alone has become the norm. Fishing alone is almost non desirable these days. Thankfully I still have the will to want to go hunting alone. Once you've proven to yourself that your capable of success, if there's no one around to rejoice the catch or kill, it can have a different effect. That being said, I still go occasionally. The camaraderie of a hunt is truly some of my greatest memories in my life.
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