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The human scent...

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by krheude, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know how long our scents will linger? I know that it will probably depend on the weather conditions but...
  2. I have a list for slightly damp to dry weather:
    1. Untreated footsteps with no cover scent = 6 hours
    2. untreated regular body odor with no cover scent (for instance sitting on a log) = 8-10 hours
    3.urine on the forest floor 2-3 days
    4. cigarette smoke 3 hours with light winds under 5mph.
    5.breath that has been treated with mouthwash alerts whitetails 4 times faster than untreated morning breath.
    6.scented deodorant is 15 times more likely to spook deer than unscented.
    7. on a scale from 1-10, 10 being worst, coffee smell in the woods is 0.5 (nearly undetectable)
    8.Skoal or any dipping tobacco spit is 6 times more likey to be detected in the wind by whitetails than loose leaf tobacco, like Redman.
    9.Passing gas is somewhat like the cigarette smoke but can be completely gone in 1 hour (im sure this varies in hunters)
    10. Lunch, the typical sack lunch with meat sandwich, chips/crackers, and pudding is a very low deer alert risk. Sometimes a deer will come closer to someone eating lunch. Curious to the smell.

  3. I think I've passed gas that has lingered in the 2-3 day range!!!:evilsmile
  4. Cool...thanks a bunch...I appreciate it
  5. Is there an unscented (no flavor) toothpaste out there or is baking soda and water the only way to go?
  6. Toothpaste for hunters..........

    I read in a hunting magazine that the best way to mask your breath and have clean teeth is to mix one half tea spoon of baking soda to one teaspoon of sugar-free grape jelly. and then add one drop of cooking vanilla.

    Mix it up and place in baggie, poke hole in corner of bag to dispense the paste. IMPORTANT: Keep refrigerated duing hunting season. Bill Jordan swears by it.
  7. I am a scent free freak, I mean I wear my scented out long johns under a scented out coverall and take the cover all off in at the truck, not before washing my hands with scent free / killer soap. Then last thing I do is brush and gargle with baking soda. I wear a scent blocker head cover as well as scent blocker camo's and the carbon base layers. Like I said I am a scent free freak. It must work because this was just my 3rd season and I took 7 deer, 5 with my bow and I could have taken two dozen more.

    I only put cover scent, Harmon Scents "Interdigital" on the tree or leaves around me, nothing on me. I like to smell like nothing.
  8. Does anyone know how effective the Scent-Lok suits actually are?
  9. They better be REAL effective as expensive as they are!
  10. Scent blocker outerwear does little good ,maybe for a few days/ 1week,military chemical suits are not worn time after time even with no chemicals being used on them,its the same makeup as 'scent blocker' stuff,long lasting ?they are not,the money paid for them is crazy,just go to a army surplus store and buy a chem suit [medium will fit if you wear a large jacket],comes with pants and jacket all for about 20-30 bucks.But still no-scent soap for you and your clothes is even cheaper.I bet the Scent Blocker people sell snake oil too.
  11. Do you know that 85% of all statistics are made up?

    Where did you read this bull, or did you just make it up?
  12. Deer and Deer Hunting magazine, call them and ask them where the info came from.
  13. Is the 85% statistic you just threw out made up does it fall in the 15% catagory?

    Dont let your alligator mouth overload you mummingbird arse.
  14. The 85% thing is a joke.

    What does your alligator thing supposed to mean? And what's a mummingbird?
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