The McDonalds here in town

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  1. Here in town just a block or two from the downtown McDonalds is a retirement apartment complex.
    Last week I was in McDonalds and an elderly couple was in front of me, and I noticed that they ordered 1 quarter pounder with cheese and a regular fry and two small cups of coffee.
    As my wife and I ordered I told her, I’m going to go see if those folks would let me buy them another qtr pounder and a fry.
    When I approached the elderly couple I introduced myself and quietly said I would be honored if you would allow me to buy you another sandwich and fries.
    To which the sweet old lady said, no thank you, this is enough.
    So I rejoined my wife at the counter and told her they said no…
    As we took our seats I watched as the lady cut the hamburger in half, and counted out the fries dividing them equally between the two. Man, I said that’s just not right, so once again I approached the couple and offered to buy them a combo meal. Once again the elderly lady politely refused.
    I went back over to our booth, and noticed as they bowed their heads and gave thanks over their single sandwich and fries, and then the elderly gentleman began to eat his ½ of the sandwich.
    I told the wife this ain’t going to happen, not on my watch! So I returned to the counter bought a qtr pounder combo meal and returned to the elderly couple’s table.
    When she saw me coming she started shaking her head as if in disgust… I said ma’am I just couldn’t bear the thought of me sitting over there eating to my fill and you and your husband her leaving hungry, won’t you please accept this combo meal with my compliments?
    Again, she said no thank you, this is how we do it. And she continued, first Luther eats his ½ of the sandwich and his fries, then he gives me the teeth and I eat my half…

    I haven’t been back to that McDonalds for a week now….:bonk:
  2. My brother (68 yo) and his wife do this exact same thing...except they each got their own teeth.


  3. Hooiser that would be what God would do, is to provide for them. May be you should carry a extra pair on teeth with you where ever you go. HA HA now that was funny
  4. Yeah, you could have really helped them out by buying them a spare pair of teeth, man!! Why, the nerve.........LOL!!!:biggrin:
  5. mcdonalds

    You could have offered to chew it for them and do a mouth to mouth transfer like birds do when feeding their young. :cwm27:
  6. If my inlaws had false teeth, that would be them. My father in law can squeeze six pennies from a nickle....but he knows where his money is and now retired, he has money in the bank.