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The new Bass Pro shop

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Noftheriver, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. It has been operating since Christmas.I kept trying to get down there.I pass by it every week.
    I finally went!!
    Totally Awesome !
    I need them vanes I was asking yall about, the line was to long I will have to go back when the time is right.
    The store was out of this world! I could have spent the whole day walking around and looking, Guns,Knives,Archery,Canoes,Boats,Clothes, More Clothes, even more clothes, did I mention clothes? two waterfalls, Catfish in the tank bigger than my youngest child.The tanks gotta be 50,000 gallons at least. A stream through the store stocked with bass and other fish.I was looking at the fish in the stream and turned around to find all the fishing stuff right there, it was very tempting :) .I resisted ,(I will be back afterhours shhh)

    Archery range, toy gun range with a safari setting,Kayaks,meat grinders, seasonings, socks,shoes.The only thing missing was fresh venison!
    Even a Nascar area with them cars you get in and wish you were driving.

    I was there an hour and never saw the whole store.
    I will go back for a week next time!
  2. I have been there roughly 5 times since it opened and each time I still act like a little kid a candy store when I walk through the front doors:bouncy: .

  3. ain't it great? what did you think of some of those bucks they had mounted in there?
  4. Did they have live birds in the displays also?
  5. All we have close is a piddly little Gander Mountain and nobody to give us good discounts.:bonk:
  6. I could re-create a "stream of running water" for you Quail. You could even swim in it if you'd like....

    Where is this BPS located fellas?
  7. All I can say is GREAT PLACE
  8. i dont know if it is good or bad.i live 30 minutes from always in there and most of the time me and the better half have to discuss what is wanted and what is needed.awsome place.
  9. How's buisness Dean? Comments like that, I'm tempted to wear my Gander Mountain hat where ever I go. OH, I'll keep posting long stories of my adventures trips reaking of the skunk curse, rattletraps with dull hook, missing easy pass shots at overhead geese...all wearing that Gander hat. Soon buisness will drop off to nothing, they'll have to let the new guys go...or....maybe word will leak out and Gander Mnt will start Paying me to Not wear thier Logo.
  10. :cwm27: !!!! O.K. go!!!!
  11. Yeah its in Clarksville, it used to be a shopping mall with theaters, upper and lower levels and a a bunch of carnival rides in it.I took my kids there a few times.

    Now my kids can take me! There is so much more for me to do!:)
  12. What about the cabelas they are supposed to build. The site they have selected is 15 min drive from where i'm at?:biggrin: :biggrin: No more odering and paying for shipping and handling for me, until next year that is.:coolgleam :coolgleam
  13. Where is the Cabelas going to be built? Cabelas stores are so much better then Bass Pro...but its still better than nothing at all.
  14. Hammond, where there was a private golf course.