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The newest creation

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by trdtnlbwhntr, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Dont worry tree your new knife is in the works. This one was glued up before I decided to redo your other one because i wasnt happy with it. Anywho this one made it out alive and will be joining its owner quickly. Here is a couple photos of it. and the last photo is of the one that almost made it out alive for tree but it got hacked up and redone. Take care and to the others that ordered knives they are in the works. Take care.. and hope you enjoy.



    and then the one that didnt make....

  2. Those are beautiful. What material do you use for your blade blanks?

  3. IF I told you I would have to kill you....

    They are a blade made in Norway. They are triple laminated steel blade. If you remember way back when before the knives in all the stores were shiney and made of stainless. THey made a carbon blade. Im sure you remember them they got dark really fast because the aged but you could sharpen those puppies easily and to a razors edge. Then they started using stainless. Stays clean and doesnt change color on you but it was a biatch to sharpen and once you got it sharpened it had a brittle edge. Well this company designed a blade that laminates the two types of steels together and gives you the best of both worlds. The inner core is the carbon steel blade. Easy to sharpen, hones like a razor and you cant beat the durability of them. Then you have the outter shell which is stainless steel. Stays clean, wont oxidize and is as durable as they come. I did some research and found them kind of by luck I suppose you could say. They are worth the money thats for sure.
  4. As some of you already know, because youve ordered a few knives from me. I've decided to offer these knives to the IS members at a discount. I am offering up a 25% discount to all IS members who order a blade from me. I cant quote a price for all knives right because of the expense of using exotic woods that are different in each handle. For the most part though I try to keep the cost around 100-125 each after the discount. Like I said though depending on how exotic you decide to get with it the price could be considerably less than that too. So if anyone is interested give me a shout and we can piece some ideas together. Take care fellas... Dustin