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.........The NEXT Agenda Item...........

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Scarlet Dew, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. With the passing of the OBR in the State...........we have lit a fire of hope among many. More Trophy Bucks than this state has ever seen in modern hunting times. But............with many states around us having a short gun season and a season that is out of the rut not to mention a very short muzzle season...............this is what I want to know.........

    ..................How do we get Indiana on board and get this done................

    I'm not looking for hypotheticals here...........I want facts, e-mail addresses, phone #'s, names, political figures, DNR employees, anyone that can help.........those that will help see this through...........I also want to hear from those that have the inside scoop on how the OBR was pushed through......I am assuming we can follow a similar route. I want a process spelled out so we can get this done.

    All I know is that a change like this will not have an adverse effect on the will be a "societal decision" as Dr. Mitchel pointed out in the OBR "aftermath". .....which ties into the reason for this thread, I have never heard so many interested in this "shortening of firearms" since the OBR has has people thinking and willing to do what it takes like never before!!!!

    So let's hear it............what will it take......................................Let's build this path now!​

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  2. This is not an anti-gun hunting thing on my part, so I'll get that out of the way right now with those who are going to scream they don't want a shorter season. For me this is about maturing the buck herd in our state. That being said I am 1000% for a shortened gun season and a later gun season. 10 day firearm season opening on the Monday after Thanksgiving. 10 day muzzleloader season opening near (or after) Christmas. In trade, I'd settle for a single buck tag good for all seasons and I'd make 2nd or more doe tags dirt cheap.

    I'm man enough to admit that my reasoning is purely about maturing the whitetail herd in our state, particularly the buck. Pull gun season completely out of the rut. That may not sit well with some, but that is the way I feel and I've been preaching this for a long time.

    But to answer your question Dew, I'm not sure who to start with to get it done. Honestly, I'm not even sure if it will be possible to get it done, but it would be worth an honest effort, IMO.

  3. "Not getting it done" is not an option..............:coolgleam
  4. I agree. It will be a tough road, but it can be done.
  5. Wow............just checked who was "online"...............of the 10 looking at the Whitetail Hunting section..........9 of them were looking at this thread..............and 6 were guests.

    Went from 1 viewing the Whitetail section when I posted this to 9 viewing this thread in very little time.

    Don't tell me there isn't a wave of interest in this topic of the next change in our state.............. :coolgleam

  6. I can't comment about the net benefit/detriment to the herd that moving the season would create, but I do have a question about shortening it:

    It seems that an awful lot of people complain bitterly about the "orange army" hunter density during gun season.

    Wouldn't shortening gun season make that worse... maybe causing hunters to drop out entirely? I don't see how that could be good for Hunting... Rack size, maybe, but not for hunting in general.
  7. DEC, I see nothing wrong with any of this besides opening the season on a Monday. This wont sit well with many especially people that I know who hunt. Too many people look forward to the gun season opening on a saturday.
  8. Shorter gun seasons get my vote!!!!

    Now all those cowboy totin' gun "hunters" will cry they don't get to use them as long:evil: .
  9. Not sure how the hunter density could get worse in terms of more hunters in the woods. Many go out simply the first weekend only the way it is now. 10 days would still give 2 weekends of hunting.

    In theory it could push some people out of hunting and that I'll admit is not a good thing. However, pushing it back and shortening it up could result in more guys taking the leap to the great world of bow hunting. We all have our opinions of course, but to me there is nothing greater than sitting in a tree stand with bow in hand during the full blown rut. A lot of guys are missing the boat, but again that is just my opinion (which I'm sure I'll get flamed for:rolleyes:).

    Ohio for example goes year in and year out with the Monday after Thanksgiving through Saturday (Sunday this past year) gun season. This year they opened a second weekend too. They manage to put down a lot of deer and have resulted in growing some absolute monsters as well.
  10. Yea, the Monday thing might not be a good idea. My brain was thinking the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but my fingers were stuck in Ohio's Monday concept. My brain misfired there for a second.

    I will correct myself. I'd like a Saturday after Thanksgiving until the following Sunday season.

    See what happens when I actually try and get work done, yet participate on here. I get all screwed up.
  11. We need the season that Illinios has,, 7 day split,, plugged shotguns,, and only shotguns. Want to use a ML,, do it in the 3 day ML season,,, want to use a handgun,, do it in the 3 day handgun season :cool: :cool: :cool: All of Illinios seasons combined are shorter than just our firearm season.
  12. Interesting theory..........but let's take a look at how this "Next Agenda Item" actually is working in other states..........Ohio for example....

    **Bigger bucks than EVER
    **Increased Harvest
    **No shortage of hunters

    Take a look........
  13. Thanks Derek. I will be the first to admit that while I understand firearms and ballistics, I simply haven't lived in the area long enough to understand actual game-management issues like the structure of the season(s).

    However, I think that if you look at how many folks DO skip the first weekend simply to avoid the press, the only thing you can conclude is that those hunters who would have otherwise waited &/or spread their field-time out will be forced to either "join the pack" or get out of the game.

    Dew: Most of the folks complaining about density are doing so from the standpoint of safety. Will that change?
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  14. Pretty good, coming from a DUCK HUNTER! :yikes:
  15. It works in Illinois and Ohio, similar states. I agree with pigeon, I like the way Illinois is set up. I think the hunter density, safety argument is weak, it couldn't get any worse than already is every year on opening day of firearms.
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