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The Next World Record???????

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. There is much talk about North America coughing up a new world record whitetail buck this coming season (either Typical or Non-Typical). From Western Canada down to the Midwest a mild winter has all the experts predicting that Milo Hanson's World Record Typical, or Tony Lovstuen's world record Non-Typical might well be in jeopardy THIS season. In a recent article by Outdoor Life's Mike Hanback in Whitetail Hunting Strategies magazine (Sept. issue) he predicted that Indiana has a legitimate shot at producing a possible world record whitetail (it was in his top 5). With all the rain we've received this summer; coming off the heels of a very mild winter, he could be right.

    Let's hear your pick(s) as to where the next world record whitetail buck could possibly come from and why.

    I feel that the new world record typical could come from Steuben County, Indiana this coming November.......:biggrin:

    Go J.L!!!!!
  2. Yep off of my farm at the hands of me and my bow. 15 yards, slightly quartering away, one evening in late October.:biggrin:

  3. How about Carroll county or Parke co. from my little 70 acre honey hole I get to hunt!!
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  4. I think we all know the who, where, and when, so I won't even bother....
  5. Thanks for not mentioning my name there JL, I don't like all the attention. Besides, I can only trade it once for a new truck and don't need every auto dealer in the state buggin' me.
  6. And think you Quail to get the boys off my trail and where I hunt at. 50 to 85 yards from my house the world record will fall and OH YES Scott will score the deer and then the deal with who is going to write the story Dean or Treehugger. WOW it would be nice and a man can dream.
  7. SWITZERLAND COUNTY,enough said:cool:
  8. I would say Dekalb County, IN, but the guy I'm thinking of will be at a football game instead of the treestand.
  9. IN hot spots

    Park, Morgan, Monroe, Owen, and Green counties. Well, shoot could be anywhere in our great state, ain't it great!

  10. Jennings County

    Jennings County....At a little place called BREWERSVILLE, where DEER fall HARD...:biggrin:
  11. along the white river in madison county

    then i'll trade it for a new 4 wheeler and that new duraMAX CREW CAB
  12. Excuse me!!!!!!!????
  13. You heard it right Dean...get in line...My picks are Parke, Vigo, or Vermillion counties. There's some big deer in them there woods I'm tellin' ya' all.
  14. It will definately be a gun kill, and im going to say Parke or Switzerland... they have been hotspots for a reason. The terrain and cover in these counties is unmatched anywhere in the state. Driving through them and hunting in Parke its just screams great habitat and monster deer. Good luck this season fellas its gonna be a fun one.
  15. A big 'Ol :chicken: for you Randdaaallllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!