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The old days

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by ccavacini, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. ccavacini

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    Not sure many of you remember any old days....Now, you Whitley Co. guys are not going to believe this:

    Back in 1977 (the year before the blizzard) my cousin (a teacher also) and I hunted for quail every day over our Winter break.

    Now, we hunted outside of South Whitley--a farm we had been hunting for about five years--and would get coveys of quail....yes, quail...without a dog and I mean big coveys...and quite a few of them.

    Used to get them out of overgrown ditches and....well every where.

    Then the blizzard of '78 hit and then there were none.

    Anyone else remember the "Old Days"

    Oh yeah, there weren't any geese (remember a friend who went to Canada to hunt them) and it didn't seem that there were as many deer as we have now.
  2. They weren't really the good ol days were they?

    Back when I started deer hunting you were lucky to see a track, much less a deer.

    I traveled all the way to Pennsylvania to bow kill my first one.

    I could not believe all the deer they had.

    We would go shining at night ( a BIG family affair in PA) and see 100s of deer.

    We were in deer heaven.

    Same thing for turkeys. I chased them for years here , but went to Missouri to kill my first gobbler.
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  3. In 1975 I went all the way to Reelfoot Lake in Western Tennesee to hunt canada geese for the first time. It was a thrill. The only time we ever saw them were a few high flocks quickly passing by from James Bay. Yep, I sure remember the quail in Noble county when I was I was growing up. the deer population hit its highest levels around here about 5 years ago, not nearly as many around now. Now the sandhill cranes are at about the same place Canadas were about 25 years ago - seeing more and more all the time. About time for a season on those big son of a guns! :)
  4. When I was growing up my Dad had bird dogs and rabbit dogs and we hunted a lot. Seemed like there were plenty of pheasants, quail, and rabbits then. Of course there was a lot weeds and fence rows back then too. It was a blast as a young kid seeing and hearing those pheasants get up take off. That would start a dying man's heart! We limited out everytime we went squirrel hunting too. My Dad could and still can clean 5 squirrels faster than most can clean 1. I'm glad Mom could cook up all that stuff too. I can almost smell the squirrel frying now and taste the "hair gravy" kids screech at the sound of that name. :yikes: