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The "One Buck Rule"

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. The "One Buck Rule" (LSA #06-572) is scheduled for March 27.
    "One Buck" Rule Amendments Public Hearing (LSA #06-572; 06-185D)
    Mar 27, 2007 1:30 PM
    Conf. Rm 1, IN Gov't Center South 402 W. Washington St. Indpls

    The Natural Resources Commission has scheduled a public hearing regarding proposed rule amendments amending 312 IAC 9-3-2, 312 IAC 9-3-4, and 312 IAC 9-3-5 governing the management of fish and wildlife to extend the expiration date of the restriction of taking only one antlered deer a year to September 1, 2012, and to extend the expiration dates of seasonal bag limit restrictions for taking an antlered deer by means of a crossbow to September 1, 2012. The proposed rules have been posted to the Indiana Register at Proposed Rules

    You may appear and offer oral or written comment on the proposal. You may also email your comments to, or forward by regular mail to the address below. Comments will be accepted up to and including March 30, 2007.

    Sandra Jensen
    Natural Resources Commission
    Division of Hearings
    Indiana Government Center South
    402 W. Washington St., Room W272
    Indianapolis, IN 46204-2739
  2. It is cut, dried and done.

  3. That's my sentiment exactly. I figure that if the DNR has gotten to the point in the process of having a hearing on something, it's pretty much already a done deal.

    Something to make Brew happy: when the DNR first had meetings on the OBR, I was very much against it, and even voiced my opinion at a DNR meeting. Over the course of the last 5 years, I have come to embrace the rule, and now feel that it is a good thing. I passed up 19 different bucks this past season in firearms and muzzleloader seasons alone, 7 of them opening morning of firearms by 10:00 AM. Normally I wouldn't have even seen that many in a season. Five of them were decent 8-pointers, but at this point in the game, I was after something a lot bigger.
  4. Please, no more OBR threads. At this point it's almost like debating if barbed fish hooks should be allowed for fishing.
  5. YOU USE BARBED HOOKS!?!?!?!??!?!? :yikes:
  6. Sounds like a BARBARIAN!! ;)
  7. Hunter Hollis

    Hunter Hollis Banned

  8. This is one tough board!
  9. I suppose you use live bait too??????LOL only kidding, I agree witcha TREE!
  10. Next thing you know.......we'll be having a debate on which is worse.......

    **Paying to buy shells...........vs.............Reloading them on your own

    **Digging up/catching your own bait..........vs.........paying for it at the bait store

    **Buying your own boat..........vs..............Renting one for fishing

    Paying a Guide to take you fishing........vs...........Paying your buddy in Beer to take you fishing

    And then the HOLY GRAIL.......



  11. Man...the dillemas that we deal with in the off season!
  12. Good post, M4.

    :evilsmile :cwm27:
  14. there goes dew stirring the pot again