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The outdoorsman challenge

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by anon782010, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. It was discussed in the chat room a while back, and I have been mulling it over in my head ever since, to start an overall outdoorsman contest. This would be no easy task, and a huge undertaking, but I think it is something that could be greatly enjoyed by everyone involved.

    My thoughts have been as follows.


    Fishing, Ice or open water doesnt matter in the following sub catagories
    Black Bass
    Gamefish (i.e. musky, pike, catfish)
    Each participant is allowed one fish in each category, score will be determined by the length and girth measurements added together, thereby allowing release. A picture must be taken. Once you submit your first bass, you are not allowed to replace your bass if you catch a bigger one. That would get way too confusing.

    Use the scoring system that is used for the upcoming turkey contest.

    Use the scoring system that was used for the deer contest last year.

    .25 of a point for every mushroom found. Photo of spread must be provided.

    Small game
    1 point for each squirrel or rabbit taken. I think we can trust the honor system on that one don't you fellas, no need for a bunch of squirrel and bunny pictures.

    3 Points for each fox or coyote taken.

    1 point for each bird taken.

    I think this is a well rounded, and straightforward contest that we could have a good time with. Team sizes would be determined by how many people are interested in being involved. Random draw would probably be the best way to keep it fair. OR, it could be split up by region, NE, NW, SE, SW...but that could get complicated.

    What do you think guys, is this something that we could pull off? Any input...
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  2. It would be lots of fun, but it wouldnt be very easy to keep track. Man I kill so many animals and catch so many fish it would be hard to document every catch and kill.

    Great Idea though!!

  3. I'm already cornfused.:coco: Can we just hand the trophy to JL?
  4. You only get to enter one fish...

    If the turkey and deer contest are maintained like they were and probably will be, it would only be a matter of transferring the score to the scoreboard
  5. I see nothing about waterfowl,, only deer??? I am coRnfused:confused: :confused: :confused:
  6. :banghead3 I knew I forgot something

    How do you think would be a fair way to add waterfowl Pigeon?
  7. Same as squirral and rabbit. 1 point each.
  8. Good bet there! JL's my hero!!
  9. Rules updated and highlighted, good feedback guys.

    Nobody has says if it was anything they would want to do though. I just think everyone would want to be on JL's team!!!
  10. Why you counting every shoom???? you not counting every Fish....
  11. Can't hunt shrooms all year.

    Figure with the fish it would be easiest to just take the top specimans.

    Don't want to punish the musky fisherman who certianly won't catch the numbers of fish that the panfishers can. Seemed the best, more fair way to do it.
  12. Yes, I must admit I catch more panfish than Rookie and Tree catch muskie, and I haven't been on the ice yet. Wanted to go ice fishing this weekend, but some bald guy from Garrett scheduled some sort of thing at Gander Mountain all day Saturday. There will be hell to pay if the ice goes back off after this weekend and I don't get to ice fish Weimer.
  13. Sounds good, I am in.

    Are all fish a 1 time size(length + girth) entry, you just stated bass??

    Maybe for shrooms you could do best 1 day total in pounds. Just an idea.
    Maybe the same for frogs as shrooms???? I love me some frog-legs!!

  14. Yeah, all fish are the same way, length + girth = score, 1 time only per category

    Thought about doing a weight, but i know i dont have access to a scale to be able to do that

    We could make the shroom category, a shroom/frog category if there was enough support for it i spose
  15. I am good either way man!! Thanks for the effort!