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The Patoka was Getting Blasted

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by Duckz-N-Buckz30, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Wow the Patoka and White were getting lit up this weekend. Sunday my buddy and I scored on 3 Canada's (1 with some jewelry) and a couple Woodies. Seen a few Teal, and Greenies but mainly Woodies and Canada's.

    Anybody else do any good?

    I will post pics after work.

  2. Me and three others hunted a pond at a very popular museum on Saturday morning. No one told us it was Breakfast with Santa that morning. :yikes: Anyway, we proceeded to dump 5 birds while soccer moms and kids were getting out of cars. We go to watch Santa walk in the front door.:biggrin:

    Tight shooting so we had to pass on MANY birds to keep from raining shot on cars.
  3. 4 man goose limit this A.M in the SJBP Zone. Was a great hunt in a picked cornfield. We were done within the first hour after LST. Took us more time to set everything up than to get our limit. I love these days.
  4. Shot one bird yesterday in about four hours...not real good.
  5. That shouldn't have stopped you...tell him Pigeon......:corkysm55
  6. Yea, but it was a museum very close to you Dean. A lot of birds flying in there. I'd kind of like to hunt it a couple more times this year yet, so I did not want to burn my bridges on the first outing.
  7. I have been watching those birds at ACD good work are the feeding south of there or flyin out to the north. They didn't roost there, I think they are roosting at the foundry don't you??

    Fri- First shut out of the year

    Sat. banged 4 down

    Sun. took two 14 yr olds out shot 13 birds in 1hr, and made it two church on time. they kids had a blast and so did I.

    Great way to end the season.
  8. Yea, most of them roosted at the foundry. None roosted where we were. All but one flock came from the north, most from the foundry ponds. Some came from east, not sure where. We had several small flocks of 4 to 6 birds and a couple real big flocks of 24 to 30. It was fun. They were clueless and thought they were joining a goose party when they saw 60 big feet on the lawn.:biggrin: The hide is tough though. No cover and layout blinds just wouldn't cut it. We just laid on the ground and threw a shell decoy on us. Worked good.