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The RUT!!!!!!!???????

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. In your opinion when does the primary breeding period of RUT start in your area of Indiana? Please explain where you live and then when the PRIMARY rut starts, etc.
  2. Halloween weekend is in my opinion the best time of the year to be in the woods. I think the big boys know what's coming and are already out cruising for does. I feel the rut was beginning to wind down by gun season last year. I hunt in Franklin Co.

  3. well last yr. the 1sr week of nov. was an awesome week. they were chasing does and grunting like pigs. although the mature bucks i had close encounters with i never heard a grunt from. they were loners at that time. don't have an exact day when the actual breeding starts. but i would say around the begining of the 3rd week of nov. mabe around the 12th to the 15th. after their doe'ed up they are hard to find. that's why deer drive's work so well where their legal.
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  4. I do some hunting in the tri county area of Steuben (IN), Williams (OH), and Hillsdale (MI), as well as several other southern MI counties.

    Primary breeding period appears to be from around the 9th to around the 16th.

    Daytime buck sightings always begin to increase during the final 3-4 days of October.

    Our peak buck sightings during three of the past four years have been on the 8th. Mature bucks are more visible here during the first 7-8 days of November than at any other time.

    Once firearm season opens in MI on the 15th, or last year on the 12th in Indiana, everything changes. Where we archery hunt in OH is just a couple of miles from both the IN & MI borders, and yet hunting there is completely different from the 17th or 18th through Thanksgiving weekend. In OH bucks once again begin become more visible around the 17th or 18th, once the peak breeding period is past. This doesn't occur where we hunt in IN or MI because of hunting pressure & the resulting harvest that has already taken place from firearms hunters.
  5. That's some great real estate sunrise.....
  6. Saturday night just before closing time.
  7. its always HOT 1st 2 weeks in November,post rut into late December.I live in central IN,some say the cold triggers it,Ive never seen it matter.Some say the 'moon' phase,Im undecided,but if pressured Id say no.Just the shortning of daylight does it.
  8. Tippecanoe and Benton Co. Daylight buck activity picks up right around Halloween - first week of November is nice - second week is where I like to call in sick. Side note - my brother has killed a buck on Halloween something like 3 of the last 6 years in Allen Co.