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The "Rut"

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Folks, my goal is to help everyone understand the Rut. Ask what the "Rut" is to 50 different hunters, and you'll get 50 different answers. The top biologists in the world are just now starting to unravel some of the mysteries of breeding timing based on years of research. Dr. Kroll in particular has noticed a phenomenon repeatedly over the years and has finally "discovered" one aspect of Rut timing that wasn't known until recently. I'll touch more on that in future threads. Until then, check this out.....


    Let's start by looking at "The Standard Rut Curve". This is the rut curve found by biologists over the years and relates to when the majority of North America's whitetails will breed. This is when deer have evolved to breed here in the midwest especially. There has been much talk on lately about the Rut,etc. While the "timing" of the Rut doesn't change much from year to year (really this window never changes at all)...the INTENSITY of it is controlled by a few different variables. Of which moon phase, daytime air temperatures, buck:doe ratios, nutritional health of the herd, etc. all can play into. Mull over this curve some and then I'm going to introduce the latest info. on what really gets breeding under way in a deer herd. The answer is going to surprise most of you. Most of you are familiar with this Rut Curve already.
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  2. This one's legit, Rand.......:bonk: Dr. Kroll has "done his homework" over the years.
  3. Thanks for the info Dean.
  4. commence with the sharing of more info sir!!
  5. I can't make myself look at graphs anymore. I get dizzy.:dizzy:

    I'd just like to know how the 1DR plays into the graph. :coco: Kind of bummed the discussion got yanked.

    Actually, the info above looks about exactly as to what I've always thought.
  6. Good info. Always read about the moon phase beeing part of the rut also.(The second full moon after the fall equinox) which was right around the peak rut according to the graph.
  7. So, how do bucks play a major role in the timing of the rut?
  8. :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 tell me more...tell me more...
  9. Patience my friend...patience. Let's get some more folks interested first. Eric has already read what Dr. Kroll has been putting out since the first Rut Secrets issue came out two years ago.
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  10. Yes, OK, the rut doesn't kick in until the bucks are ready. It's the bucks that get things going right? Please expand professor.