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The Stupidity Doesn't Stop With Hunting

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by goggleye57, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. PETA says Coliseum must end circuses

    Dan Stockman, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

    FORT WAYNE - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is asking Memorial Coliseum to make this year’s Shrine Circus its last at the arena. The animal-rights group cited the accident after last year’s circus when an elephant handler was trampled by two Asian elephants he was loading into a trailer. The death was ruled accidental and the coroner said the elephants did not mean to hurt Pierre A. Spenle, who worked for the Tarzan Zerbini International Three Ring Circus. PETA has cited the Fort Wayne trampling in its protests of circuses across the country; the group contends circus animals “are trained through pain and fear.”

  2. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    when an elephant handler was trampled by two Asian elephants he was loading
    Since when did PETA start worrying about people?

  3. With all the "valid issues" in the world?
    Stuff like this used to be laughable, but as the old adage goes the more times people repeat something (no matter how far-fetched) the more believable it becomes. This organization has lost touch with reality, and they are spreading their mental illness to whomever will listen.
    They are also hypocrytical, FOX reported that last year they euthanized nearly 2000 animals (obvously without reporting that to their members)

    I want to join the other P.E.T.A. Peaple Eating Tasty Animals!:biggrin:
  4. Im joining PETA just to become a spy.
  5. Bush already has a guy on that, pretty sure
  6. P.e.t.a

    P.E.T.A...People for the EDIBLE Treatment of Animals.:chicken:

    I am an animal lover...grilled, suateed, fried, broiled, etc.:corkysm55
  7. Theres always room for animals at my house...right next to the taters and gravy!
  8. What's in a name???

    Funny, with a code name like treehugger you'd think the guy would be an animal friend?!
  9. P.e.t.a.

    People Eating Tasty Animals
  10. peta

    People for the Eating of Tasty Animals. Just fed the purist meat in God's creation (doe backstrap) to the family last night. Both our girls (ages 5 and 16 months) have been eating it since they got incisors. I love to see those PETA people get ridiculed for the stupid things they do. Their hypocrisy is unbelievable.

  11. Incisors...there is a good word. I think that is where the term scissors comes from. I the PETA freaks realize why the good Lord gave us sharp teeth in the first place? Why do we have canines anyways??? So we can tear into bark and twigs better (and clover and chicory...heh,heh,heh,heh)?? Maybe TREEHUGGER can answer this one..:bonk:

    Feeding young children venison?? Do you realize that you are brainwashing those poor innocent humans to want to consume ANIMALS (let alone a wild animal). Please tell me this wasn't a doe either. What will that teach the future (kids) of our sport?? They should have a choice in what they eat, Eric. That had better been meat from a dink six-pointer. Don't want them to get the TROPHY bug too soon.

    And don't let me forget...this isn't pure venison any longer. Why...somewhere along the line that deer ate poison ,(i.e. chicory, clover,mineral supplements). Which is of course the same thing as growth hormones that the meat industry uses.

    Get R Done....

    Hell, those elephants would probably much rather perform at the Coliseum as opposed to living in Africa where humans, predators, intense heat, etc. are a daily threat to their lives. Makes chasing around clowns, have naked ladies (sorry), and wolfing down endless supplies of peanuts seem like a....well, a CIRCUS>
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  12. Dont they realize that if nobody EVER hunted in HISTORY that NONE of us would be here now....What a bunch of tree huggin hippies, no offense treehugger.
  13. Ditto from above...TREEhugger!!!!!!:rolleyes: By the way tree...ARe you a hippie????
  14. p.e.t.a

    at the same time their protesting their driving their fancy cars with rubber tires from cut down rubber trees lol. and please don't let one say they don't eat meat. viel especially. wonder how many wear leather coats. a bunch. their just pathetic to the point it's rediculous. i would bet my paycheck that hold fopod from them for just 2 days then sit them down to a table of backstraps they won't be starting a hunger strike. i think they ought to extend their name out allitle bit and end it with "file"
  15. PETAfile and Pedafile, or PETAfile and pitiful. Which one scrape watcher???:tongue: