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The Tennessee Rut

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by CutNShoot, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. Posted by BSK – “On my property in westcentral TN, peak breeding occurs every year like clockwork. Peak breeding window is Nov. 17 through 28 every year.

    Now weather and moon conditions can affect how much of that breeding activity occurs during daylight, but peak breeding occurs on the same days every year, whether or not hunters get to see it during daylight. That said, improved herd dynamics are certainly over-riding some of the environmental effects. "Poor" moon or weather conditions will reduce daylight breeding activity, but not eliminate it like in the past.”

    Now just who is this BSK? Maybe a friend of mine named Bryan Kinkel of Woods and Associates. Do you not think he knows the rut dates in Tennessee when he makes his very good living at it?

    Please do read some of his and Dr. Woods' writings at that URL.

    Email from John Sloan in Tennessee..

    “Peak rut is right around Thanksgiving. Season opens Saturday before TG. Second cycle is 28 days later. Gun , with a one week break is like seven weeks long. Saturday before TG until January something.”


    Now who is John Sloan? Just "Google' - John Sloan Tennessee Outdoor writer.

    When does the Rut begin in your area?

    Tennessee Nov. 18 – 21

    END OF CONVERSATION....adios..

  2. End of conversation?????

    Hey Clarence!!!

    How about we get a biologist with a degree in whitetail deer to comment? Seems you like to use armchair biologists...... only when it suits you......

    Here is a group to choose from

    CJ Winand

    James Kroll

    Dave Samuels

    Come on pick

  3. This forum is for INDIANA whitetail hunting.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.