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The War in Iraq.......

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Dean Weimer, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. I know this is a fishing and hunting site, but this needs to be seen by every person in the world. We "infidels" aren't such bad guys after all......

    This is something you will never see in the news. Here's a tough, but heartwarming story and a picture of John Gebhardt in Iraq . His wife, Mindy, related that this little girl's entire family was executed. They intended to execute her also and shot her in the head, but they failed to kill her. She was cared for by John's hospital and is healing, but has been crying and moaning. The nurse s said John is the only one she seems to calm down with, so John has spent the last four nights holding her while they both sleep in that chair. The girl is coming along with her healing.

    *He is a real Star of the war and is representative of what America is trying to do. Please keep this going. Nothing will happen if you don't. The American public needs to see pictures like this and needs to realize that what we're doing over there is making a difference. Even if it is one little girl at a time.

    James Gates U.S. Navy.

  2. Thanks for the story, but just to let you know the pic isn't showing.

  3. Good read Deano.............TL's right though, no picture.
  4. Very nice, Dean.

    Our troops are some amazing people. Regardless what CNN says...
  5. Can you guys help with the picture...a guy e-mailed it to me. Can I e-mail it to one of you?
  6. send it my way dean
  7. thanks for the post Dean.....and a Big thank you to all the troops in Iraq as well as everywhere else.
  8. Do any of the members have a son/daughter, brother/sister, other relative or just a friend deployed overseas. If so, and they have an E-mail address that you could post, I imagine most if not all the members might want to send them a message thanking them in some way for their service and sacrifice. They deserve to know we appreciate what they do.
  9. I have seen that picture Dean,its a good one and there IS many more,CNN dont do the good stories,that would not go with the agenda.My son is with the 82nd Airborne over there since last Aug 1,not due back till maybe this Dec.,we used to hunt squirrel and we have missed a few seasons now,its hard to go at all ! He started going with me at 4 yrs old,then later started carrying a shotgun.I do miss it.His email is
    Those guys do love to get mail from supporters,as they think now because of the negative news nobody supports what they do.
  10. If America knew the real story, instead of what the lunatic Liberals want us to know, then we'd all continue to support the war. Noone is for war, but history will show that this was a step in the right direction oneday. I will e-mail Justin for sure...
  11. I just e-mailed him Reloader..........thanks for posting.
  12. Good story Deano, I've got a nephew on his third go around. Seems everytime he's deployed, he ends up in Iraq. Wish he'd just come home, but he's got the jarhead mentality.... Chris turned out to be more of a man than we believed he could be. I've got nothing but respect for everyone of those guys... whether they're in Iraq, Alaska, wherever... They are protecting what we've got. That right there says it all. God Bless 'em. Reloader, your right those guys love to get a thank you, or even a hello. They sure as hell deserve it!
  13. Thanks to you guys that care and relize the truth,he'll be suprised with the mail,He can read it but may not have time to mail you back,contact is very minimal even with me.I cant believe whats going on in this country over this,the soldiers dont feel the way these new hippies do,it is made to believe most of us want to pull out before the job is done,most of these dont even know whats realy going on and what it means.Its going to be interesting to see how the next new President will screw it up,will we cut & run and look like a nation with no stomach to the world?