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The yellows are up!

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by urbanhunter, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. I came down with morel fever yesterday and had to call in to work and head down south to my honey hole. I'm really glad i did. Hunted from about 11 am to 7pm. I found a total of 185, with only about a quarter of them being greys and the rest were yellows. It looked like many had been up for a while because they were brown and frost bit on the tops. also came across two deer skeletons from this past season, one was a little 8pt. The area i hunt is an old stripper pit and i found most of the mushrooms in steep ravines going up ridges.

  2. Good to see. I like the knife, too.
  3. It is not worth the money i paid for it.
  4. Really? I heard they were the cat's azz, but I've never used one.
  5. I think I just got the fever also.
  6. atta boy UH
    good looking photos...
    way to carry the team brother!!!
  7. Urban, if you weren't my teammate, I'd say YOU SUCK!!!! Hey, the knife might not be worth the price you paid for it, but it's a good 'shroom knife, huh? You've got big yellows, and we've got snow on the ground today. Again, I say YOU SUCK!!!!!! Freeze dry some of those bad boys and send them North to your teammate, huh?:cheeky-sm
  8. some of them were already freeze dried it looked like! yea, that knife was demoted to my shroom knife.
  9. Like Weimer says - you suck :biggrin: Here is my backyard in Lagrange County at 7:15 tonight- No yellow morels here for a while yet, Its been like January up here- no really thanks for sharing the great pics - we have something up North to look forward to :)

  10. that is unbelievable...and in the middle of april. you guys may be able to get on the ice one more time!
  11. great pix !! congrats on the yellows ..... i went out in the rain today for a few minutes to check for greys .... nothin up in the spot i checked .... will more than likely go for more blacks tomorrow .... or head to an early grey area not sure yet .... early grey area is bout an hour away and i doubt it is worth it yet .... really gettin impatient .... BRING on the greys and yellows !!!
  12. :bowdown: you guys are killing me i got some fresh eyes that would go nicely with them shrooms :bowdown:
  13. i just ate 2 skillets full of them. i think i ate too many. man they were good though