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Theee Official Trial Cam Contest "Picture" Thread.......

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Scarlet Dew, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Tomorrow it begins.......August 1st............PURE BEDLAM like never seen before on this site. These listed famous contestants will take us where no Indiana Hunter has been before........5 years into OBR and Pictures of PROOF it is working all over the state of Indiana, and at the same time, have a little friendly funnnnnn.:coolgleam Please use only this thread to post "Contest Pics" so that they will be easy to find and compare.

    The contenders are..............

    Scarlet Dew
    Main Beam
    Brewersville Outfitters
    Smokey Z
    James Lyon
    Dean Weimer

    The Agreed Rules Are.............

    Official Trail Cam Pic Rules

    1) Must be an antlered buck with picture taken by YOUR trail timer camera.

    2) Biggest appearing buck wins.

    3) Winner gets all the loooooot. No second place Ribbons.

    4) Cost is $1 to may only enter once.

    5) All $1 entries MUST be post marked no later than July 1st, 2006. No exceptions.

    6) Contest begins August 1st, 2006 and ends December 1st 2006 (This gives the winner time to collect his winnings and have a little extra Christmas Cash).

    7) Only Trail Timer Pics taken during the contest Dates of 8/1/06 - 12/1/06 will be eligible.

    8) You must be an IS member by July 1st, 2006 to be able to participate in this Deer Cam Big Buck Contest.

    9) Trial Timer Picture Stamping is preffered but will not be a requirement. This is the honor system, but Time and Date stamping on your pic will help solidify its authenticity.

    You all are about to have the time/ride of you lives with this............Good luck to all ..........Get ready for the first 10,000+ Viewed Thread on this site..........and TONS of evidence that OBR is alive and Well!!!!!!!:coolgleam

    GAME ON!!
  2. Pics are now eligible...............Again, good luck to everyone involved........can't wait to see those Trail Cam Pics!!!:coolgleam

  3. Pictures only guys. Please.
    I moved the comments to the other thread.
  4. I need to get into this one.... My camera's go out this weekend....
  5. I'm Now In 1st Place..........Ya'll are going down early!!

    No Crying Please.............I know it's only August 4th and I now am entering the winning pic.....Thanks for trying guys.:biggrin: If ya'll just declare me the winner can save yourself from mucho suffering.:evilsmile

    And the winning pic will be..................


    I've already been in touch with OBK to get a "Re-creation" made of this rack.......:coolgleam
  6. Nice Dew!!! His rack is so big it makes his head look really small.
  7. Pictures ONLY, Randall!!!!

    But since you opened it up, cute deer, Dew...I haven't even put out my cams yet. No real need to just yet. I will find great mirth in making you all suffer and get your hopes up until late November. By the way, where's the time/date stamp??? Rigged!
  8. My camera is so dang worn out that sometimes it stamps the date/time........sometimes it doesn't. Thank goodness for rule #9 in the contest. Sometimes I just get a stamping of what year it was, and nothing else...and as you can see in this pic, just nothing other than a Monster Buck. I think what happens is the larger the rack, there is then no room for the date/time stamp......:evilsmile ...........The Stealth cam will take good pics.......but apparantly the other "electrical hardware" inside may be subject to another look when it comes to quality control.

    But for now...............I'm officially in First Place. :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :biggrin:

    "Bring It" you Cub Scout Trail Cam Junkies!!! :evilsmile

    PS.............On a side note "Ice Dude"........I think it would be more fun for all if they could post the pics and comment on them here on this thread. Good group of guys and contestants.........the "fodder" of comments here I think would add to the enjoyment. Asking for permission to "comment" here for all if you're OK with that. :coolgleam ...........As long as it stays within reason.;)
  9. I agree.
  10. Pictures only, exceptions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad: Cub Scouts???:cheeky-sm
  11. hey dean didnt you win something when you were a kid for selling the most cookies in your troop?
  12. Lets take a vote guys. Chime in on here and let me know.
    so far i have 2 for and 1 against.
  13. Dew you dont have to ask permission. You are running this show buddy. its up to you and the other 15 guys that put in their $$. I still like the idea of taking a vote and letting the 16 people in it make the final call.

    If we do leave the comments, when it comes time to vote and pick a winner I can move all the pictures to a seperate thread, for easy comparing.
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  14. :cheeky-sm
    I agree!!!:cheeky-sm