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Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by scrapewatcher, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. what's the deal with people stealing dearstands and scouting camera's. i don't understand why some people stoop that low. especially hunters. i don't think people who don't hunt or have an interest are going in the woods stealing stands and camera's it's hunters. man talking about feeling violated. after awhile your equipment has a sentimental value to it. i don't think the law cares unless you hurt someone then your the criminal. what's your all's opinion
  2. was this on private land? I feel your pain, I haven't had a stand stolen yet, but I know some guys that have. I know one guy that left his stands at one property for several years and when he went back they were gone. I told him he should have contacted the landowner every year, as maybe the land got sold or the landowner let someone else hunt and asked him to take them down.

    Sorry to hear about your luck, thieves are not very high on my list!

  3. i know a guy who got tired of his ladder stands being stolen so he superglued razor blades on the back sides of the rungs and he used the sides of the ladder to get in. After a few weeks he went back to his stand and all he saw was quite a bit of blood on the rungs and a trail away from his stand....needless to say the stand was still there. I can't stand thieves and whatever can be done to detour them is fine with me.
  4. it was private land mine was stolen on. i had went in to eat. gone about 2 hrs. went back and it was gone. the most aweful feeling. i have a nephew who hunts with his father in law and they had a cuddyvac destroyed and left on the tree. they got a piucture of the guys waist. i hunt on a navy base and my hunting buddy got a brand new digital stolen this yr. hoorah for the razor blades. i hope the scum bag got cut bad. i think hurting theives is the only way. sad but i would like to put one of em out of commision for a season................or 2
  5. I know what you are saying. I have a buddy that had his ladder stand stolen off of private property this past season. I also have another buddy who has had a couple cameras taken over the past couple years off private property. Both of these were on someone elses land but had permission to hunt and be on the land any time they needed to be.

    My brother-in-law put up two stands close together a few years ago when his youngest boy started hunting so that he could sit there and watch him. He arrived one morning and started climbing his stand to have it fall over on him. Luckily he wasn't hurt, but someone had actually taken the strap off of it. Just think if that had been his boy's instead of his. This was done on my Mother-in-laws farm. That's almost worse than stealing because someone could have been seriously injured or even killed. Some people have no respect for anything.
  6. Guys, as former law enforcement, I will tell you that nothing surprises me. The thought that a fellow hunter would steal from you is painfull, but certainly a reality. There are people in our fraternity that lack moral fiber.

    The fact that someone would intentionally remove a strap that supports a stand is worse than outright stealing it. That sounds more like an act that an "ANTI" would pull, or someone that you had a hunting right dispute with.

    Always check your stands before climbing. You never know what may have occurred after you climbed down the last time.

  7. thieves

    i fell for you i know how you fell you go out to buy a stand or camera and pay a price of hundreds of dollars and time to scout and time to put your stand up to go back and find it gone .. i have had about 3 stands stolen on private land no matter what you try to do to keep people from stealing there still going to keep on .. you can padlock it they will cut your locks or take your tree steps out they climb it anyway to get it .. really the only way i found now is to buy a climber and take it with you every time you leave.. its a heckic thing to do but have to to keep what is ours .....
  8. I had a trail camera shot with a 12 gauge shot gun this year, it was private property I had permission to hunt on. I assumed they were hunting on the property without permission and got their picture taken and decided to destroy the camera. I was pissed but my climber was locked to a tree about 20 yds from the camera and they did not touch it, I was thankfull for that. Needless to say I removed my stand at that time.
  9. Two Years Ago I Set A Ladder Stand On Our Side Of The Fencerow On The Back Of Our 80 Acres. One Afternoon I Went Back And Found Where Some *!#$* Had Pryed It Off Of The Tree And Was Actually Dumb Enough To Drag It In The Mud Over To The Nieghboring Properties Fenceline, And Tried To Hide It In The Brush! (leaving A Trail Like A Wagon Train, Along With A Perfect Set Of Boot Tread Prints) I Called My Local I.c.o. Who Came Over And Recovered The Stand For Me. He Also Left His Business Card With A Note That Said "call Me, We Need To Talk" In A Zip-lock Bag Hanging From A Few Feet Of Evidence Tape Where We Had Found The Stand!!! Needless To Say, The Boys That Used To Hunt This Guys Woods Have Not Hunted It Since. Now My Hunting Spot Has Improved!
  10. The buddy that Scrapewatcher was talking about that had his digital stolen this year was me. This didn't happen on private or public land, it happened on a 64,000 acre military base. What makes it even worse is we know who took it but have no evidence. Very frustrating! I got over it at Christmas when my wife got me another one.

    I really like the razor blade idea...........All kinds of booby traps are currently going through my mind....One will be implemented when my new camera goes in the woods.:evilsmile
  11. Gotta agree with ya fellas. Thiefs are right there with tresspassers. Some people DO NOT get it. Hunting isn't about stealing, and best of luck preventing it in the future. Digitals are not cheap!
  12. i think a clawed bear trap would be in order. :bouncy: