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There many Coon or Coyote hunters out there?

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by alhersch, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. This Chapter or whatever ya call it (Indiana Trapping and Varmit Hunting), doesn't seem to busy yet. Just though i'd see if there very many out there on here that coon or coyote hunt. I used to coyote hunt a lot but now I 1rst shift job, its pretty much impossible. So I go over Christmas vacation usually, go with a few ppl I know around here(Peru/Kokomo area). I had a decent coyote dog till she hung herself(still pisses me off). Now i'm trying to get more into coon huntin. Haven't went this year yet though, but deer season is about done for me so i'll go soon here. I wouldn't mind going w/ somebody with good dogs sometime just to see more coons get treed. I usually go with a friend. His dogs are okay but tend to run off if it's a slow night, which makes for a long night... GRRRR I do have a Plot hound that was given to me because he didn't hunt coyotes, and would like to get him started on coons. I just need more time to do the things I love I guess.

  2. I hunt and trap Coyote and Coon very hard all winter long. I travel around the state during the late winter months but stay pretty close to home here in Southern Indiana throughout deer seasons. Coon dogs can be aggrevating, but they are a joy to have when they work!