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Therma Cell

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by treehugger, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. I purchased a Therma Cell last summer and used it here in Indiana while fishing early mornings and evenings and it worked great. The real test came when I took it to Canada on a fishing trip in June and it really worked to keep the skeeters and other bugs away. Since then I have purchased additional units and use them when camping or sitting out on the deck at home in the evenings to keep the skeeters away. They can be worn on your belt or sit them on a table at your campsite or in your boat while fishing. They are good for up to a 15 square foot area. Anyone else out there used these? If not, I highly recommend them. I found them to be much cheaper in price at Menard's at end of summer clearance for around $10 each and they also sell the fuel cartridges and repellant tabs. I purchased the carrying cases off an internet website at a reasonable price.

  2. Yes I use them.

    They do work as advertised.

    Before we could not sit on our deck without getting carried away by skeeters.

    They are just the ticket for early archery season.

    The problem is the fuel cartridges and repellant tabs are expensive to keep buying retail.

    I was wondering if there was a way to rejuvenate the pads?

    I've found the best palce to buy the cartridges is on eBay.
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  3. My wife purchases the butane and pad refills for me on e-bay. Also check at the end of summer at stores that carry them for very deep discounts on both items. I bought a lot of both refills at Menard's at the end of last summer. When stores such as Menard's sell these things they are not selling them as hunting/fishing items and are cheaper than if purchased as hunting/fishing items at an outdoor store. Wonder if you could spray or soak the pads in Deep Woods Off or Musk Oil to use for fishing/squirrel hunting/etc.? The scent may be too much for deer hunting. I see now they have one out they sell for the sole purpose of using to put deer scented pads in for deer hunting to draw in the bucks. Thanks for the website info, I'll check it out.

  4. I dip myself in latex to avoid skeeters. Its ok until ma'ma's beans kick in. Then I look like a Teletubbie.